Sharon Cutler Demands That Brands Pull Up or Shut Up

Pull Up For Change has become my favorite Instagram account! Black people are fed up with companies claiming that they support black people in the stand against inequality, yet they do not have any black staff. The companies that do have black staff are mostly in entry-level positions, making them more susceptible to losing their jobs during a crisis such as this current pandemic. Created by Sharon Chuter, Pull Up For Change demands that brands provide the demographics of their staff which includes the breakdown of the number of people of color in executive roles.

The best part is the power is in the hands of the customers! With comments including people tagging their favorite brands and inquiring for them to #PullUpOrShutUp, brands are eventually forced to give the people what they want. The power is in our hands. We as consumers can choose not to support brands that won’t hire black people and place them in leadership roles.

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Dear Brands – Thank you for the public statements of support for the black community. Whereas we understand and appreciate the support, be conscious that to piggy back off a trending hashtag when you have been and continue to be a part of the problem is once again appropriating and exploiting the black community. So we ask all brands who have released a statement of support, to publicly release within the next 72hrs the number of black employees they have in their organisations at corporate level. We also need to know the number of black people you have in leadership roles. You all have statements and policies about being equal opportunity employers, so show us the proof! PULL UP or SHUT UP! #pulluporshutup @pullupforchange

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As many brands proceed with transparency by disclosing the demographics of their employees, others choose to share their excuses instead. The best part is that those who were transparent, follow up with an action plan to diversify their team.

I’m so glad that Sharon Chuter created such an amazing platform. As the founder of Uoma Beauty, it’s beautiful to see someone in the beauty industry making leading the change that’ll impact black communities.

Change doesn’t happen overnight but time will tell if these companies will actually make a change or they’re just offering lip service.

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  1. Comfort Ayoade

    I hope and pray that “pull up or shut up” will force companies to put or promote blacks to executive levels in their respective business’s. After college education, you still end up with crappie jobs. Thank you for this awareness Oyin, God will bless you. Amen

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