Color Block Into Spring With These 4 Looks

Color Block into Spring -Yellow Jumpsuit - Befitting Style

We’ve already passed the midpoint of March and that means spring is coming in just a few days (3 to be exact but who’s counting anyway?!). Whether you’re one who needs the flowers to blossom and the sun to shine in order to wear bright contrasting colors, or you color block throughout the year like me, these looks will be sure to help you color block into spring easier.

Color Block With Pinks & Reds

Regardless of the snow storm that decided to hit the east coast, it’s still very important to prep for spring. Because this weather is bipolar, I’m sure it will feel like spring all over again by next week. We officially have 7 more days till spring so grab your pinks and reds (as well as all other bright colors) and color block your way through my favorite season.

How To Color Block During Winter | Dare To Mix

Some dare to mix while others play it safe by keeping things monochromatic or neutral. Although I’m a lover of mixing things up, I don’t think I’ve mixed maroon and blue quite often, yet this combination can easily be a staple for many to wear throughout the cooler months. Maroon is such a beautiful color so I’m sure it’s hard to resist (especially during the fall) and pairing it with

Casually Colorblocking

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend will be filled with lots of fun, brunch, day parties or whatever you enjoy doing with your loved ones! I recently went to brunch and kept it casual by color blocking. There are points in my life when

Multicolor Stripe Dress – Christopher John Rogers for Target

When I laid my eyes on this multicolor stripe dress designed by Christopher John Rogers for Target, I immediately thought I would wear it as a dress. Little did I know that once I threw it on for Lon Burgundy’s Flatbush Mixer, it would end up being a top for the evening. I had to throw on the Befitting Style Serenity Earring from the Bliss Collection! The more color blocking, the better. I absolutely love this hairstyle! Its my fave for the summer! The bigger the hair, the better. Check…

Multicolored Gem from Target – Christopher John Rogers

I found a multicolored gem from Target. I don’t know about you but I’m absolutely in love with the Christopher John Rogers collection at Target. I’m currently listening to The Cutting Room Floor by Recho Omondi while typing this blog post and realized that this is truly one of my favorite podcasts of all time and I listen (and watch) a lot of podcasts but that’s just how great this podcast is. The Visual Lexicon episode which aired on June 23, 2021 featured Christopher John Rogers. I already knew he’s…

DRK Beauty Offers Free Therapy for Women of Color In America

Self-care is so important and I find that quarantine may be tough for those who were already battling with their mental health. When I found out about DRK Beauty, I was excited to learn about their new initiative DRK Beauty Healing which offers free therapy to women of color in the United States. What a powerful way to make an impact in the community! Founded by Wilma Mae Basta and Danielle K, Jackson, DRK Beauty is a platform that highlights diversity in beauty. The DRK Beauty Healing initiative connects women…

Wear Bright Colors Regardless of The Season


It doesn’t have to be spring or summer for you to wear bright colors. Bold hues deserve love all year round! My love for oversized sweaters kept me glued to this color block sweater when I found it at Burlington Coat Factory. Kept it bright with a simple pink sleeveless t-shirt and added a bit of metallic with the skirt. Burlington tends to have a few gems if you’re patient enough to look for it. I purchased the sweater in a large so it can be really oversized. Most would…