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I remember wearing a variety of satin clutches to formal events during my pre-teen years a bit more than my teenage years. As I got older, I strayed away from them as they seemed a bit dated. Times changed so styles changed. Every now and then, I still opt for a satin clutch. The last time I wore a satin clutch was to a wedding a couple of years ago. Although this is a style that’s been around for a while, I love the way it’s revamped in this day and age.  This Oscar de la Renta satin clutch stole my heart with it’s embellishments.

The Satin Clutch Thats Perfect For A Formal Occasion- Befitting Style 1

Very well put together in the perfect pink hue, this clutch would be great for a night look. Whether it’s partying with your friends or a soiree with your beau, an embellished satin clutch makes a great statement piece as well as inhabits the magic of bringing a dull look to life.

This clutch is a pricey one so I was sure to include other chic satin clutches below.


What are you obsessing over?

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10 Thoughts to “The Satin Clutch That’s Perfect For A Formal Occasion | Befitting Picks”

  1. This clutch is definitely a statement piece! The color and the intricate embellishments are so gorgeous! Would LOVE to wear this to any formal event! 🙂

    xo, Chloe //

  2. Roxie

    How unbelievably beautiful is this bag?! A girl can dream! 🙂

    1. Yes girl! The details are mind blowing!

  3. This is such a gorgeous bag! Perfect for formal occasions!

  4. That clutch is gorgeous! Love the color!!

  5. What a gorgeous clutch! The color is beautiful and all the little details!

  6. Such pretty beading! Perfect for a fancy girls’ night out.

  7. Love a good statement accessory like a handbag! This is so adorable. It would be great to dress up simple cocktail dresses!

  8. Love the clutch bag. This is an eye Turner. I will like to get one right away for my first outing this year. Thanks Oyin, God bless you. Amen

  9. such a pretty clutch, love the pink sequins!

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