The Run Around | NYFW SS17 Day 6

Day 6 pretty much drained me. I usually have lots of energy but I had shows from morning till night from midtown to lower manhattan. The constant back and forth made me realize that I really needed to take a breather for a bit. I also realized that I tend to eat irregularly during Fashion Week and because I believe in doing things in the order that I have set for my body, I guess the lack of constant nutrition removed the energy that I regularly exude.


I wore a black and white dress that was super comfortable as comfort was key!




Sad that I missed the John Paul Ataker show, I ended up going to see Raul Penaranda, then shortly after I viewed Comme Tu Es, Chiara Boni La Petite Rose, Miguel Viera and a few others.




I’m starting to realize that I’ve been wearing this bag quite often. I just love that its a clutch thats big enough to fit all my essentials. When reaching for a black and white bag, I been picking this one this week instead of my others as this is more practical.


I’ve worn these shoes during NYFW last year and decided to pull them out this year. I forgot about them as I would have typically worn them throughout the summer.



Dress Karl Lagerfeld

Shoes Schutz

Bag Christian Siriano

What do you wear to be comfortable?

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  1. Lose top that is moderate makes me comfortable. I can understand how tired you will be because during NYFWW, the weather was a bit warm. Parking is another problem in the city. Thank God for your life Oyin, you scaled through. God bless you Oyin. Amen

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