3 Ways To Ruffle Feathers at New York Fashion Week

3 Ways To Ruffle Feathers At NYFW - Befitting Style

New York Fashion Week is almost here and if there is any time that you need to look your best, know that this is it. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your style with minimal effort, wear ruffles! Ruffles are an easy go to that adds an extra oomph to a look. If you’re super last minute and you’re still figuring out what to wear, here are a few ways to hit the ground running and ruffle some feathers at NYFW.

Its always easier to wear a jumpsuit. Make getting dressed feel like a breeze by throwing on a lace-trimmed jumpsuit and with straps that can be worn on the shoulders or off the shoulders by allowing it to simply drape at the arms. Slip a ruffled button-down top underneath it, accessorize with gold jewelry and metallic gold booties.

3 Ways To Ruffle Feathers At NYFW - Befitting Style


Because we are still experiencing the bitter months of winter, some may find a mini skirt to be a bit scary. If you want to wear a skirt but you fear the cold breeze hitting your legs, wear a full skirt as it provides more fabric to keep those legs protected. Pair the skirt with a satin off the shoulder blouse. This look is perfect for those who are not into wearing too many ruffles as the gathering of the sleeves, the ring handle bag, tassel earrings and necklace provides just enough detail to ruffle some feathers at NYFW.

3 Ways To Ruffle Feathers At NYFW - Befitting Style


For my lovers of an overload of ruffles, this look is for you! Throw on a ruffled striped pencil skirt that cinches at the waist and pair it with a white satin ruffle top that beautifully enhances the sleeves. Store your goods in a gold crossbody bag that can also be a clutch and red heels featuring a stunning gold heel.

3 Ways To Ruffle Feathers At NYFW - Befitting Style


Which look is your favorite?

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11 Thoughts to “3 Ways To Ruffle Feathers at New York Fashion Week”

  1. Comfort Ayoade

    I love love love ruffles. I have some tops that are ruffles but the designers keeps making more and more beautiful ruffle blouses. The jumpsuit is not bad either, especially for the price. Whom am I kidding, I love everything. Waiting to be well fed with glamorous fashion. God bless you Oyin. Amen

  2. Sonal

    I loved your outfit choices and not one but many. The blue overalls with white shirt was my favorite.

  3. All the looks are really stylish. My personal fave however has to be the floral dress. I could only imagine how much it would be an eye-catcher when worn.

  4. I am not a fan of any of these. I am not sure that ruffles would look good on me.

  5. Love the second set. From the skirt to the shoes and even the earrings, I love everything. Love the color, too. So pleasing to the eyes.

  6. I love ruffles! I have a few tops and dresses with ruffles and frill! So on trend and nice!

  7. I have always loved subdued ruffles on blouses. I don’t love them on skirts or pants.

  8. I love ruffles especially blouses. The jumpsuit is really hot and I like it a lot.

  9. I love the orange blouse. It looks amazing and very original and unique

  10. Blair villanueva

    I dont think ruffles will bid goodbye soon. It still one of the best and i never get tired of ruffles.
    I love your selection dear!

  11. All these dress are looking adorable and i only specially looking for these kind of dress. So, i am so happy to see your blog. I am eagerly read your blog and found my expected dress. Thanks for sharing.

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