Rideau SS17 | NYFWM

You know how I feel about prints and the prints that I encountered at Rideau were surely a sight to see!  Influenced by Japanese and European culture, the  monochromatic tone curated by Creative Director, Dylan Granger left me swooning. Not only did he include various neutral shades but he presented neutrals with a colored twist.

Rideau SS17 3

I am completely in love with the orange printed jacket which embodies most of the colors that I love to wear. These are also the colors that a lot of people gravitate towards during the spring and summer and I can’t wait to see men style these pieces next spring!

Rideau SS17 2

Of course most men are more prone to wearing neutral pieces hence why they may gravitate towards some of the neutral attire thats presented in the line. What I love about this collection is that it will appeal to a variety of men. From the man that craves prints to the man who loves to stick to his neutrals,  the Rideau SS17 collection is here for it all.

Although Rideau is fairly new as it launched in 2015, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the future.

Shop Rideau’s current collection at Ri-deau.com.

Would you wear that orange printed look?

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