Prints Galore

I’m not sure if this is a shirt or a shirt dress. All I know is this is a super old piece of clothing that I originally wore as a shirt dress years ago then later on ended up wearing it as a shirt while pairing it with different printed bottoms of course. If you know me or if you’ve just seen me around, then you would know that I absolutely love prints!!! While shopping, I don’t focus on buying prints. I just get what stands out to me. It just so happens that I get blessed with luscious printed pieces.

Because I’m Nigerian, I grew up with prints around me therefore my love for prints may stem from nature and nurture.





I don’t even remember where the top is from but the pants are from H&M and I think they’re just as old as the top. I’ve had these shoes for at least 5 years now but never wore them because for some reason they felt too small back then and I ended keeping it thinking maybe some day it would fit. I guess it was good thinking because they fit now, but nonetheless the shoes are from Nine West.


The bag is Michael Kors but it’s not really a bag per se as it is my laptop case but I tend to wear it as a clutch.


Last but not least, the necklace! I really don’t know where this necklace is from as it was a gift.


Thanks for taking your time to read this. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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One Thought to “Prints Galore”

  1. comfort

    The print is sure immaculate on you. The shoe and the clutch handbag compliment each other. If you look at the picture very well, all the colors are in everything that you wore and they are BOLD. They honestly speak for themselves.

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