Pink Peachy Shirt Dress

For many, it’s too early in the year to wear a pink peachy shirt dress. For me, its never too early to wear the colors you love. As a lover of pink, its hard to ever stray away from such a beautiful hue! One of my amazing friends is having a baby girl so for her baby shower, I opted for a peachy oversized shirt dress.

As much as I love oversized clothes, I wish this dress was a bit tighter. It looks great while sitting but once I stood up, I was almost swallowed by the dress.

I haven’t worn these maroon boots in years! I bought them 5 years ago, wore it a couple times, then completely forgot about it.

This bag has grown to be one of my faves as it easily pairs with so many of my pieces and quickly amplifies every look.

I’ve always wanted to try pairing pink eyeshadow with maroon lipstick. It’s one of my fave colors to contrast with and I’m super excited that I successfully executed this makeup look with the Makeup Revolution x Patricia Bright Rich in Colour Palette as well as the Colourpop LAX lippie.


We have 2 more months until spring! Are you waiting for spring to break out the pink fits?

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