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I’m currently addicted to one shoulder pieces and although I prefer tops with a bit more character (a little ruffle here and there), this pink one shoulder top felt just right for brunch. I was running late and knew I wanted to pair it with a skirt so I dug deep and found this floral Joe Fresh skirt that I never got to wear because I completely forgot about it years ago. This skirt is an integral part of how I styled this pink on shoulder top.

Although many would possibly prefer wearing this skirt during the fall because of its orange and navy hue, I decided that this spring day felt just right for it. I wear what’s considered “fall colors” confidently during spring because I don’t associate colors with seasons, therefore I wear all colors all year round.

Joe Fresh was one of my go-to places to shop during my college years because they sold 3 of the things I love most in style: sequins, metallics, and florals!

When I originally purchased this pink one shoulder top, I thought I would wear it for errands, but it looks like it came in handy for brunch! I added a bit more character to it with a beaded multi-color choker as well as tassel earrings.

This pink clutch was a must!

 You may remember these Karl Lagerfeld shoes as I recently wore it with a jumpsuit.

Do you wear one shoulder tops?


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9 Thoughts to “Pink One Shoulder Top | Current Love”

  1. Gladys Parker

    To be honest I’ve only ever seen a few one should tops or dresses but I definitely like them. I love the pink as well so it scores big with me. I wear only a few certain styles that I feel very comfortable in, although, I’d buy this for my adult daughter as a thank-you or a part of a birthday gift.

  2. That shirt is FIERCE! I love the color and the off the shoulder cut!

  3. Gemille Sleweon

    That color looks amazing on you! I love that you paired it with such a vibrant skirt.

  4. This whole look is great. I usually don’t like off shoulder shirts, but I like this outfit as a whole.

  5. What a fun top! That color looks great on you.

  6. I have never worn a one should top before. It is great for summer and looks so cute on you.

  7. Wow! You sure know how to style a cool top. I love the skirt you paired it with. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. Becca Wilson

    This off the shoulder top is so much fun! The color is so vibrant.

  9. Leigh Anne

    I love your outfit! SO cute and I love the idea of having it come off the shoulder some:)

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