The Patent Leather Mesh Heel That Screams Royalty | Befitting Picks

I have honestly been in love with these shoes for quite some time now. So in love that my reaction to it’s discovery was unexpected. When I first discovered it, I held my breath. I couldn’t believe that Dolce Gabbana could create such patent leather goodness. Completely blown away by its intricate design, all I could do was stare at it. The heel of the shoe was mind boggling! In that very moment, I wondered how this can be created from patent leather mesh. I felt like time stopped and all that mattered was just me and this amazing shoe. Regardless of the fact that this feeling only lasted for just a few seconds, I immediately went on snapchat and snapped it to my friends.


I knew this shoe was fit for a queen. Growing up, I’ve always wanted to be royalty so I felt that owning a shoe that is so regal could be a stepping stone (maybe not so much) to becoming one.


When choosing a Befitting Pick, I like to also incorporate an alternate item of a cheaper price. This shoe is so unique that I could not find a duplicate. It’s a pricey one, but it’s good!


The gold hue would be so great for holiday parties as well as any other extravaganza.


Which shoes have you been in love with lately?

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25 Thoughts to “The Patent Leather Mesh Heel That Screams Royalty | Befitting Picks”

  1. Wow! That is so interesting and beautiful! There are some great outfits to be made with these shoes!

    1. I feel like these shoes make every outfit great! lol!

  2. Wow, these are definitely interesting. Nothing I would wear but I do see them on the catwalk.

  3. These are so glamorous!! Wish I had somewhere to wear stuff like this! It’s so fun to see posts like this!

  4. these shoes are amazing! i can see why you are in love with them!

  5. I love love love this shoe. It is so elegant and fit for a Queen. Believe me, the price is not bad at all, when you think of what you are getting.. . The shoe looks like an antique–love it. God bless you Oyin. Amen

  6. Danggggg. Those are to die for! I can see why they got their own whole post!

    1. Yes girl! Its worthy lol!

  7. These shoes are so pretty! I don’t think I’d ever wear them, but I’d always admire them!

  8. oh wow, those shoes are so gorgeous! They remind me of Cinderella, so ornate and beautiful!

    1. They really are reminiscent of something you would find in a fairytale!

  9. What a royal shoe! The day I become a famous socialite (haha- I work from home) I will definitely be getting a pair of these!

  10. Even a farm girl wishes for shoes like these!

  11. Lol, I will not be shopping these but would greatly accept them as a gift. I would need to go shopping for things to wear with them as somehow what I already own is not quite up to par! Simply gorgeous pair of shoes though.

  12. Whoa, these shoes are intense! I don’t know if I’d be able to pull them off!

  13. These are stunning! I love the gold. I can’t walk to well in heels, but they would be awesome for a special occasion.

  14. blair villanueva

    OMG this is beyong luxury! I think I will just wear it inside my house, take some selfies until I got tired.. then just display it

    1. I understand why you would display it because it’s literally a work of art.

  15. Omg. These are absolutely beautiful!

  16. I need a pair of these. They are gorgeous. I could just walk around in my robe and these.

  17. A very beautiful pair .But not a style I could pull off.I am sure you will look stunning.

  18. Those are gorgeous! I would totally buy. Currently, i’m in love with my JustFab boots. They are so comfy.

    1. A comfy fab heel can easily become a go-to for day to day 🙂

  19. Ana

    OMG! This is a killer piece! I want it and it truly signifies royalty!

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