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I love when designers incorporate pastel hues, but what I love even more is when its done right! Keeping it preppy, Prell utilized gray, blue and pink as well as some deeper hues to show that the modern man can wear it all. Whether it’s monochrome or color-blocking, keeping it chic while displaying the, “renew of the morning sun” is the key for the collection.

Zachary Prell SS17 3

Blue is very present within this collection and because he’s inspired by the morning sun, the blue fabric symbolizes the sky. I’ve always loved monochrome looks so mixing prints with solids as well as monochroming the prints excited me. It’s subtle, but chic.

Zachary Prell SS17 4

Most of Zachary Prell’s pieces were made of linen and cotton to keep cool in the spring and summer.

Zachary Prell SS17 2

The pink pastels which includes salmon pink symbolizes the moment that the sun is rising, therefore taking us from night to day, transitioning from the deeper blue skies to brighter hues.

Zachary Prell SS17 5

Zachary Prell pairs the pastels with lighter hues taking us through a smooth transition. Color-blocking was in full effect as he utilized a transitional light gray which is always a great neutral color to pair with pastels, .

Zachary Prell SS17 1

Wearing an all white look is classic! It never gets old and looks great on everyone but I’ve especially always appreciated all white looks on darker skin tones. I love the way it brings out the skin color displaying the rich melanin.

Zachary Prell SS17 6

His collection also displays a few dark pieces to add a bit of variety for those who want to switch it up to darker colors.

What do you think of the collection?

Select items of this collection are available for purchase till the end of the day at

Happy shopping!

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  1. Comfort Ayoade

    The collection teaches me that you can mix any color block together. You don’t have to do match match. The colors looks suttle, complement men and show their masculine. I always like pink on men, I even encouraged my son to wear pink. White is always nowadays associated with labor day. All summer long Hampton party in New York rolls in white. I know you enjoy your blogging, God bless you Oyin.

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