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From beach days to casual days out with friends, Parke & Ronen provided all the tools needed to stay fabulous during the spring and summer. Being yet another show filled with diversity, Parke & Ronen did not shy away from bright colors on all shades of skin tones. Most of his SS17 collection is filled with the colors we all love to flaunt during the warmer seasons.

As many designers showcase trunks for beachwear, Parke & Ronen provides a bit more options for the men. Speedos are perfect for the man who likes to bare it all and keep tan lines away from his legs due to swimming trunks.

Parke and Ronen SS17 8

Usually a little more than swimming trunks are worn while en route to the beach. Parke & Ronen has a variety of fun pieces that men can throw right on for their commute to the beach.

Parke and Ronen SS17 5

Parke and Ronen SS17 4

Utilizing a variety of stripes added more personality to the pieces as well as accessorizing with handbags which was created in collaboration with Lodinatt.

Parke & Ronen SS17 3

With a varsity style displayed throughout the line (which I was able to get a closer look of backstage), one of my favorite looks is the varsity jacket.

Parke and Ronen SS17 10

Parke & Ronen SS17 1

Parke and Ronen SS17 2

Because I always love my preppy men, I fell in love with the vertical striped blazers which was created in collaboration with David Hart. This is definitely a different way of styling blazers but I love it.

Parke & Ronen SS17 6

Besides the swimming trunks that the line provides, there are also looks that can be worn on any day.

Parke and Ronen SS17 7

Parke and Ronen SS17 9

What do you think?

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  1. Comfort Ayoade

    Ironically, I love the men’s swimming trunks, they have sharp beautiful colors. Who knows that men can be that beautiful and handsome and still fill comfortable in a block sharp colors. What a pity, we have to wait till another season to see them again. I thank God for your life, God bless you Oyin.

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