Oyinkan Ogunleye – Director

All of the content is filmed, edited and directed by Oyinkan Ogunleye.

Artist Couture x Jackie Aina

Year of production: 2018

Running time: 10:46 min

A comedic makeup review that features the Artist Couture x Jackie Aina La Bronze and La Peach Highlighters. This project garnered 204,000 views.

Holiday Lookbook

Year of production: 2017

Running time: 4:17 min

A video showcasing various styles for a New Year Celebrabtion. This video garnered 373 views.

Walmart vs Target

Year of production: 2020

Running time: 0:15 min

A video comparing how consumers dress to Walmart and Target. This project garnered 6,900,000 views.


#Walmart vs #Target lol this is what ppl really look like at Walmatt tho 😂 @tmmaldonado #tiktokfashion #offtheshoulder #floral #foryou #fypage

♬ original sound – Tameaka Maldonado

Nobody is Going To Know

Year of production: 2020

Running Time: 0:22 min

A video featuring the ways women overline their lips assuming that no one notices. This project garnered 3,638 views.


We always know…. haha everytime I see someone overling their lips, I wonder if they think we really dont know 😂 #BefittingBeauty #webeknowing

♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

30-Minute Instant Pot Cookbook

Year of production: 2022

A video featuring the Tuscan Inspired Sausage Fettuccine recipe which is easily made in the Instant Pot from the 30-Minute Instant Pot Cookbook. This video garnered 366 views.

French Bread Baking Cookbook

Year of production: 2022

A video that displays how to make croissants. This video garnered 119 views.