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Getting dressed can be quite difficult for some people while it also comes easy to others. When I get dressed I normally throw anything on and if it doesn’t work, I switch out some pieces until it works. While I enjoy mixing things up, I find that monochroming is one of the easiest ways to get dressed. When I was going to brunch, I felt a little minty so I threw on a mint top with a pleated mint green skirt.

Theres a new restaurant that I love to overindulge so much that when I brunch there, I usually end up staying until the evening. Yes, sometimes I brunch from afternoon to evening. Its a lifestyle. I wore a brown faux leather dress the first time I went so I had to brighten up my look this time. A minty monochrome look featuring a faux leather pleated Victoria’s Secret skirt with a statement Zara top felt just right for the occasion.

I was introduced to Kind of Soul by one of my best friends because it’s owned by one of her cousins. From the moment I stepped into the restaurant, I felt welcomed and was well taken care of so they always left a great impression on me.

This skirt is an oldie but goodie. It always reminds me that Victoria’s Secret sells regular clothes. It’s not all lingerie.

Of course, I wore the Befitting Style Azami earrings with this look! It’s perfect for pastel looks and goes with many of my spring attire.

It was impossible for me not to buy this top when I layed my eyes on it at Zara. I couldn’t unsee what I saw and definitely couldn’t go home without it so I gave in.

I’ve had this Zac Posen bag for a few years and I’m finally overly wearing it this year. Its so chic and is definitely one of my fave pink bags.

If you don’t feel as comfortable mixing up bright colors, monochroming is easier. Simply sticking to one color as you style your look is much more of a breeze.

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  1. Comfort Ayoade

    Love the MINTY look, it’s Beautiful and flirty. The earrings goes well with the outfit, It’s a true getting ready for summer. Thanks Oyin, God bless you. Amen

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