Olive Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit | NYFW SS18 Day 7

The last day of NYFW is usually the hardest as most of my energy was spent going to shows and partying for the past week so at this point, I’m using up the last bit of my energy to go through this last day. Regardless of how tired I am, fashion fuels me up so I still ended up

 ending my day at a party of course.

My day started off at the Pier 59 to view Miguel Viera’s collection which I absolutely love (as always… stay tuned for the write up 😉 ). I went backstage to get up close and personal with how it all came together, then I had champagne on the patio, viewed Tao Ray’s fun presentation and ended my night at the New York Model Management After Party.

Closing out NYFW in one of my favorite styles ever: a jumpsuit! This jumpsuit fit me perfectly! It’s a little loose at the midriff but that doesn’t really bother me, therefore it’s still perfect. I love a jumpsuit with some character so of course, the off the shoulder detail is my favorite part.

Befitting Style NYFW SS18 Day 7 Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit

With minimal accessorizing, I only needed a pair of earrings for the day.

I had such an amazing time this season!


Do you wear jumpsuits?




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64 Thoughts to “Olive Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit | NYFW SS18 Day 7”

  1. I would love this if I could just take the top and pair it with jeans lol. But it looks great on you! Gorgeous photos, btw!

    1. Thank youuu! Oh & there are definitely off the shoulder tops out there that are easily paired with jeans.

  2. This is a fun look! I love the jumpsuit fashions that are becoming so popular. I will have to try one soon!

  3. Comfort Ayoade

    I love the jumpsuit, definitely I will have to buy one or two for myself. Yours really look good on you, well fitted. God bless you Oyin. Amen

  4. I love jumpsuits, they’re so so comfortable plus looks amazing!! This one here in olive color with off shoulder looks amazing, hope I can find a similar one in India!!

  5. You look Gorgeous in this jumpsuit!!! Specially i love this color !!

  6. I am definitely feeling this off the shoulder olive jumpsuit. It is very cute and i will be getting myself one:)

    1. Thank you love! Go right on ahead.

  7. I really enjoyed watching that lookbook, you picked amazing outfits. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Wow, that jumpsuit looks gorgeous. It’s great that you can wear it even in the fall. Thanks for sharing!

  9. K

    Work it girl! Love that color for the fall. I actually buy it way too often so I have to force myself not to grab olive green!!

    1. Lol yeah it’s most people’s favorite for fall

  10. Amy

    That rich deep color is just fabulous for a jumpsuit! You’re so cute with the red earrings… super fun!

    1. The earrings are pink boo. Thank you so much!

  11. You look amazing in that color and the jumpsuit! Freaking gorgeous!

    1. Thank you. I appreciate it!

  12. robin rue

    That is a really pretty jumpsuit. I love the off the shoulder look.

  13. Elizabeth O

    You looks so beautiful on your jumpsuit. Nice choice of color. It’s really fits on you.

  14. Nicole Flint

    You look great! I love that color on you.

  15. Off the shoulder is still one of my fav trend and I hope to see more of it! i love the color of this jumpsuit!

    1. Off the shoulder will always be one of my fave styles!

  16. Oh wow that jumpsuit is amazing I am loving the colour and the frilled collar is gorgeous!

  17. You looked absolutely amazing, the jumpsuit sat went on you and lined your curves nicely. I am loving the colours too

  18. I am loving this jump suit that colour is absolutely gorgeous and the flare around the collar is beautiful as well.

    1. Thank you. Glad you love it!

  19. You look so lovely in this! What a fantastic color. I don’t think I own a jumpsuit!

    1. Oh wow! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t own a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are such a must and makes it super easy to get dressed. 🙂

  20. YOU ARE KILLIN’ IT in this outfit – hot damn, you a hottie and that piece shows you off in all the best lights!

  21. What a fun jumpsuit! The color is very flattering. And your shoes – fabulous!

      1. Blair villanueva

        You outfit is fire! Gorgeous babe 🙂
        I think thatvstyle of dress will still in the next season. Makes the wearer look charming.

  22. I love your hair! I also love how you carried the piece well. Keep it up! Keep on shining!

  23. You look so energetic and beautiful. I really love that on trend jumpsuit. Maybe I should try it one. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Jessica Taylor

    This jumpsuit looks amazing on you! The color and the fit are so perfect!

  25. I love jumpsuits and need to get a few for fall. This one looks amazing on you. I love the color for autumn wear.

    1. Girlll jumpsuits are my go-to! Thank you!

  26. I absolutely love that shade of green! It’s so warming and perfect for autumn. Glad you had fun at NYFW!!!

  27. As always you look absolutely amazing. You know how to wear the outfits you choose and they are always gorgeous. I am so getting that jumpsuit.

    1. Thank you so much. Go right on ahead!

  28. The color looks amazing on you. Your shoes go perfect with the outfit.

  29. Jumpsuits are so in right now. You look amazing.

  30. Candy Rachelle

    I am really loving tht off the shoulder ruffled jumper! The color is so perfect for fall. I am going to try my best and attend my first NYFW next year. Fashion bloggers make it look so fun and exhausting!

    How to Style a Summer Jumpsuit for Fall

    1. LOL! Its so funny to me that you noticed that it’s exhausting. Ppl only see the glamorous side of things and never notice the work behind it. Thank you 🙂

  31. Ophelia T

    I love the jumpsuit. It looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Agentszerozerosetter

    Love that jumpsuit, that beautiful green looks so pretty on you! Your hair are seriously wow!

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