NYFW FW16 Day 8 | DexterDexterDexter | Laurel Dewitt

On the final day of NYFW, I began indulging in festivities during the late afternoon as I viewed the DexterDexterDexter show as well as the Laurel Dewitt collection.

DexterDexterDexter men’s show was filled with furs while their women’s show incorporated other fabrics while still being reminiscent of the men’s collection.

As much as I love colors, I never used to wear purple because I didnt think the color would fit me, nonetheless I began wearing purple about a year ago and realized that I should have started a long time ago. These purple pieces are perfect for the Fall.

NYFW FW16 DexterDexterDexter Purple

As Dexter Cheston implemented a bit of color, his collection were filled with mostly neutral pieces even down to the accessories.

NYFW FW16 DexterDexterDexter Black

NYFW FW16 DexterDexterDexter Neutrals

The final look is probably one of my favorite looks of the collection. There is something about the color taupe that’s effortlessly chic. He closed out the show with a taupe floor length oversized duster that is definitely gag worthy.

NYFW FW16 DexterDexterDexter Finale Look

After the show, I went backstage to toast to the end of the season.

NYFW FW16 DexterDexterDexter Backstage

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-28

I love this collection and look forward to the next collection.

After the DexterDexterDexter show, I headed over to 1 Oak and viewed the Laurel Dewitt collection. Laurel Dewitt is known for his extravagant head pieces which was recently worn by Beyonce in the Coldplay featuring Beyonce video, Hymn for the Weekend. While the pieces in this collection are extremely beautiful, the dim lighting kept viewers from truly seeing how intricate the pieces are. The lighting also kept the pieces from photographing well enough to show how detailed the pieces are.

NYFW FW16 Laurel Dewitt Red Sequins

NYFW FW16 Laurel Dewitt Silver Chains

After the collection was presented, we nibbled on treats provided by BCake NY.

NYFW FW16 Laurel Dewitt Treats

Because it’s the final day of NYFW, it’s only right that I party a little. Most of the week, I stayed away from the after parties in order to have more time to blog,  therefore I was excited to let loose on Day 8.

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-5

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-3

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-4

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-1

I stayed at 1 Oak for a bit and partied a little, then headed over to Parlor for the DexterDexterDexter after party. I was going to head to Troy for the Laurel Dewitt after party but decided to end the night at Parlor as there was much work to be done.

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-10

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-11

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-9

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-13

It’s only right that I wear a bit of sequins on the final day as I absolutely love sequins! This sequin cropped jacket paired perfectly with my taupe pleated maxi skirt, which I’m unsure where it was purchased as I’ve had it for about two years.  Nonetheless, I’m sure you can get a taupe maxi skirt from almost any store.

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-27

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-21

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-18

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-15

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-16

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-20

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-24

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-26

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-23

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-25

Sequin Cropped Jacket Zara

Button Down Shirt H&M

Shoes Jessica Simpson

Bag Aldo

Befitting Style NYFW FW16 Day8-22

I am inspired to provide more content for you all. I have a few things planned. Stay tuned and subscribe below to keep up.

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  1. Comfort

    Whao NYFW came and end so fast. I just sat relaxed on my back hoping that it will never end. All work and no play makes Oyin a dull girl, good for you, you decided to enjoy yourself a little after such a hard work. The sequins jacket is immaculate with the long skirt. I am looking forward to next season that will be filled with more funas usual . God bless you. Amen.

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