Nigerian Independence Celebration – Ankara Dress

It’s been a while since I actually celebrated Nigerian Independence Day publicly as I find it easier to be in my own little world (which is usually my default). In my early 20s, I would attend the parades as well as the parties. While I didn’t partake in any parade this year, I popped up at one of the parties.

Being the super last minute person that I am, I began making this dress the night before the party, even though I bought the ankara fabric a week before the party.

I finally finished the dress a few hours before the party began then proceeded to take a nap as I had a lonnnggg week and I typically don’t attend night parties anymore so I needed fuel to be fully prepared to be out all night.

With a fear of the dress being too simple, I made it asymmetrical with the top and bottom featuring one sleeve and one side of the hem of the dress is shorter than the other.

Pressed for time, I ended up with these Nine West shoes that I used to love so much in college.

Glammed up my face with the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Aina palette and the ColourPop LAX lippie.

Do you tend to celebrate your country’s independence?

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