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I am completely blown away by the Nick Graham showing. This wasn’t just a show or presentation, it was both! Nick Graham took us to Cuba as he opened with Cuban Carnival dancers who welcomed the SS17 collection and left us needing to see more.

Let’s rewind for a bit. As I walked in, I was handed a synopsis of the show, which looked like a flight ticket. At that moment, I knew this experience was going to be different from the rest.

To my knowledge, this showing was just supposed to be a presentation but once the models began charmingly strutting down the runway, I was excited for  whats to come. After each model walked the runway, they stood on their designated pedestal for the presentation to begin.

Nick Graham SS17 7

Nick Graham SS17 5

Nick Graham SS17 6

Nick Graham SS17 9

It was hard for most to focus during the presentation as Frankie Grande danced the Samba from the moment he walked the runway to the end of the presentation.

Nick Graham SS17 8

Nick Graham SS17 10

The models also joined in and danced away.

Nick Graham SS17 1

The dancers from Pure Samba did not only open the show but they also closed it! They were phenomenal and really set the tone for the rest of the presentation.

Nick Graham SS17 11

Inspired by the Tropicana Club located in Havana Cuba which was the hot spot for Americans to visit during the 1950s, Nick Graham’s collection exudes sweet charm as the crisp linen and tropical prints screamed playful glamour.

Nick Graham SS17 15

Nick Graham SS17 14

Nick Graham SS17 13

Nick Graham SS17 12

Nick Graham did a phenomenal job with this collection!

Nick Graham SS17 17

His show is a fan favorite as well as mine. This is definitely my favorite show of the season. Nick Graham took us to Cuba and I loved every minute of it!

Shop his current collection at

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  1. Comfort Ayoade

    I wish I was at the presentations. Free show, concert, free cuba, who wouldn’t want to be there. Tickets to Cuba, that is awesome, when are you going. Now jokes apart, I always like shows and presentation that will take you beyond your expectations and you will yarn for more. The colors, the dancers, everything blends together like pepper and onion with tomatoes. Enjoy your Oyin, God bless you.

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