A Neutral Spring Look | Sweater Dress

Although I constantly speak of keeping things bright by wearing vivid colors, I also love wearing neutrals. Regardless of bright colors being my favorite, there is nothing wrong with giving a little love to neutrals as well. Amongst the neutral items that I own, I’m currently into sweater dresses. I love wearing sweater dresses during transitional months because this spring weather has a mind of its own so I knew a sweater dress would be beyond perfect for the day.

I recently checked out Raul Penaranda’s  designs and it was my first time being able to get a close-up look at his pieces. It was an evening filled with recently released pieces as well as limited edition items. Check out this video for some of the designs and a bit of my getting ready process.

Neutral Spring Look Sweater Dress 1

Neutral Spring Look Sweater Dress 2

Most of my clothes are oldies but goodies, so I’ll be sure to link some similar items.

Neutral Spring Look Sweater Dress 3

Neutral Spring Look Sweater Dress 4Neutral Spring Look Sweater Dress  5

Sweater dresses are so perfect for me right now as it keeps me warm enough during this weird weather for the sunny days and chilly nights.

Neutral Spring Look Sweater Dress 6

Neutral Spring Look Sweater Dress 7

I absolutely love white blazers. I have quite a few and plan on getting more (the more the merrier). With this blazer being just a few inches apart in length, it complimented the dress perfectly.

Neutral Spring Look Sweater Dress 8

I absolutely could not resist wearing these Calvin Klein mules which I had to pair with my Kate Spade Bag.

Neutral Spring Look Sweater Dress 9

Neutral Spring Look Sweater Dress 10

Accessorizing with gold and silver was a no brainer as I love to mix metals!

Neutral Spring Look Sweater Dress 11


Neutral Spring Look Sweater Dress 12

What are you wearing as the weather transitions?

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72 Thoughts to “A Neutral Spring Look | Sweater Dress”

  1. You look fab. I love the dress. It looks very light and comfortable.

    1. Yesss its super comfy! Thanks!

  2. What a gorgeous dress and I love how you styled it! Love those little pops of color in your necklaces and that purse is amazing! Great look!

  3. I love this dress, especially the color! Pairing it with the white blazer was a good choice! Very nicely put together. 🙂
    I made sure to pin it to my Outfit Inspiration board. <3

    Sincerely Miss J

    1. AWwww thank you sooo very much. I appreciate you!

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous. I love this look because it has that sweet spot of sassy + classy.

    1. Yess thank you so much!

  5. You look absolutely amazing, I love the accessories they are just WOW! So well put together.

  6. You and the dress look gorgeous together. This is really the right time to wear sweater dress with long boot if you are the type that getl cold in your feet, but I love your mules. Thanks Oyin, God bless you. Amen

  7. Love this look! So chic! I am obsessed with those black booties!
    xo Jessica

    1. LOL thanks love! They’re mules!

  8. What I want to wear: Everything in your closet.
    What I Actually Wear: leggings and my husbands shirts. Lol.
    I love this look and need that necklace!

    1. LOLLL!!! I love your honesty!

  9. This is so simple and elegant, I love it! I especially love that clutch!

    xo, Helene

  10. I love white blazers too! Staple in every closet : )


  11. LOVE THOSE MULES! Kentucky went from chilly to stupid hot over the weekend –so I think I missed my window for sweater dresses. But those mules are to die for!

    1. Yes mules are perfect for right now!

  12. Amazing photo shoot! I love your POP sign! That dress is simply gorgeous! You know I love shopping at thrift stores and vintage shops for clothing. I love “oldies but goodies” and nothing better than a few staples in the closet that never go out of style!
    I have to say and not to sound creepy but that dress shows off those gorgeous Tina Turner legs you have there!
    I also love how you double layered TWO statement necklaces!
    Great look!

    1. Oldies but goodies are the best! I love wearing stuff I’ve had for years!
      You don’t sound creepy at all. Thanks for the compliment… Layering necklaces tend to bring dull looks to life.
      Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind words.

  13. I love a clutch with personality. An exclusive viewing sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. Bags with personality are the best!

  14. I just love this outfit! I love the pearls. It’s a wonderful accessory to the outfit! The jacket is great too, it’s a wonderful layer that you can take off later.

  15. I love the color of that dress! It’s right down my ally. I also really want your clutch, so cute!

    1. I’ve had it for quite a while… I couldn’t find it online to link it.

  16. I’m loving this look! The dress looks super comfy and that bag is ADORABLE! Love it!

  17. cheryl

    What a cute dress. And I love that necklace!

  18. You’re rocking your outfit as usual! That dress is totally perfect for Spring!

  19. Yes, shoes, yes! I love a good sweater dress and will find however many ways possible to switch the look while keeping the same basic essential item. You look great.

  20. You look fabulous and that clutch is so fun.

  21. Looking so fab!! The shoes abd bag!! OMG!!

    1. haha! Thanks! I appreciate it!

  22. This dress looks amazing on you. I love the necklace too!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  23. That is such a lovely dress! The color is unique and so beautiful. The whole outfit looks wonderful on you!

  24. My Teen Guide

    thats a very nice outfit! it really suits you! i like the way you wear it!

  25. I love this fun Spring look. I love the color of the dress and it pairs nicely with the blazer. The best part is your purse. Too cut.

  26. Victorial Heckstall

    i love that dress! that looks so perfect with the weather!! also, it looks nice on you.

  27. Kathy

    This is a great look. I love it on you! That dress looks so comfy too.

    1. Yesss its super comfy! Thanks girl!

  28. Two years ago I really started liking blazers, it’s a great way to to a chic to an outfit without looking too fancy… it’s classy! love your look : )

  29. Lovely dress! You look fab!

  30. You pull of those shoes and necklace really well. I’m not so good at pulling gawdy things off like that.

  31. you look amazing babe! sweater dresses are a fail-safe option for spring for sure 🙂 xo, sharon


    1. Thanks Sharon! They sure are!

  32. So many awesome things about this outfit! I am in love with sweaters and sweater dresses- plus this sweater dress is a great colour! Also love the shoes and purse you matched with it 🙂 Giving me some great spring inspo!

  33. I love your outfit! The dress is gorgeous and love the accessories too.

  34. You look great! I love the sweater dress and the blazer. Like you, I love white blazers too!

  35. I love that pop purse! Its so quirky and its just my style!

  36. Omg just loving this whole look!!! Too chic!!! And the color of the dress is pretty fabulous too

  37. rika

    I love your style! Look chic, classy too! I love how you layer your dress with white blazer.

  38. maria han

    What a beautiful outfit! It really looks good on you glad that you share this

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