Navy Romper | NYFW SS18 Day 6

I can’t remember the last time I wore a romper. Not saying it’s a crazy amount of time ago but it is definitely a style that I haven’t worn lately so I’m glad to whip it out for NYFW SS18 Day 6. My love for jumpsuits is so strong that I usually opt for jumpsuits over most pieces but this navy romper deserves a little love too. It’s practically a mini jumpsuit!

Befitting Style Navy Romper | NYFW SS18 Day 6

Befitting Style Navy Romper | NYFW SS18 Day 6

My day began at Skylight Clarkson with the John Paul Ataker show and after checking out Hakanakkaya, I headed to Pier 59 for Katty Xiomara, drank champagne on the patio, then checked out Paxyma.

Befitting Style Navy Romper | NYFW SS18 Day 6

What I love most about this romper is the lapel. It’s very reminiscent of a sleeveless blazer.

Befitting Style Navy Romper | NYFW SS18 Day 6

Befitting Style Navy Romper | NYFW SS18 Day 6

I ended up with deodorant stains on my romper but I think it’s very important to keep going. Don’t let subtle accidents keep you from continuing with your day. Goals don’t get achieved by allowing a deodorant stain to ruin the day. 🙂

Befitting Style Navy Romper | NYFW SS18 Day 6

I did my usual laying of necklaces and brightened up the look a bit with turquoise and brown earrings.

Befitting Style Navy Romper | NYFW SS18 Day 6

Befitting Style Navy Romper | NYFW SS18 Day 6

Befitting Style Navy Romper | NYFW SS18 Day 6

Befitting Style Navy Romper | NYFW SS18 Day 6

Missing my dark florals, I had to whip out this oldie but goodie Ted Baker floral bag and paired it with denim open toe block heels.

Befitting Style Navy Romper | NYFW SS18 Day 6

I ended my day with light bites and champagne at the George Wayne (former Vanity Fair editor) party which was also the launch of Photo Butler.

Befitting Style Navy Romper | NYFW SS18 Day 6 | George Wayne Party


Do you wear rompers?




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58 Thoughts to “Navy Romper | NYFW SS18 Day 6”

  1. Jen Walker

    I’m not generally a romper fan but this one is cute and looks great on you! I love the bright shades in the accessories you paired with it!

  2. Laura

    That Navy Rompers is adorable! Loving the neckline and your necklaces and hair! Great outfit!

  3. wow, this looks amazing on you! The navy color is gorgeous! I love the accessories too!

  4. I can’t remember ever owning a romper myself. But after seeing how cute this is on you, I’d give one a try. Especially in this style and color.

  5. I love jumpsuits too but I have never had the courage to wear and buy one and I don’t know how it would fit me…I have got my eyes on a winter one and I think I am going to try!

    1. Jumpsuits will always be my fave!

  6. That’s an amazing romper and you accessories are stunning. Work it! You wear that outfit very well. I never would have thought to put it together, but your style blog makes me rethink, my traditional self.

    1. Thank you so much for allowing to make you rethink things 🙂

  7. I’m not a fan of rompers, jumpers of pretty much any one piece outfit (unless its a dress) But this looks great on you and I love the accessories you paired with it.

  8. How lovely is that jumpsuit, I have never been brave enough to wear one, but they also look so comfortable, perhaps one day I will give one a try.

    1. Yeah definitely give it a try!

  9. Anne Yedlin

    You look amazing! I am loving the romper and all the accessories. Very beautiful. Not sure I can rock it as well as you though

  10. This is gorgeous but what I love most are the shoes! I would break my ankle in the first five minutes, of course, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t gorgeous. I haven’t worn something like this before but it really looks great on you 🙂

  11. I love your outfit, makeup, hair and everything! You have chosen the perfect photograph to take your outfit against.

  12. Shell

    This romper is so cute on you!!! I love the accessories you paired with it– especially those earrings… LOVE them!!

  13. Comfort Ayoade

    I love your rumper, it is beautiful on you. I don’t think that I can have the courage to wear short jumpsuit. The whole ensemble match together, love them all. God bless you Oyin. Amen

  14. Akamatra

    You are right! The label of this romper is awesome! I love the jewelry you paired it with too!

    1. Thank you. The lapel is my fave part!

  15. Joanna

    I really like the color and the style of this romper. The V neck is a really nice feature and it does resemble a jump suit. It looks great on you!

  16. Agentszerozerosetter

    You look really pretty! Love navy color on you, the accessories you matched are perfect and your hair so beautiful!

  17. white

    I love wearing rompers they are so comfy, also the color it looks so bright. Your romper is so beautiful to you

  18. I have never been much of a romper person. However I love this one! I love all your jewelry and how you found the perfect shoes to complete the whole look!

  19. That romper is so cute! I think rompers are my favourite clothing… ever! it’s really cute.

    1. Thanks love. Glad you love it!

  20. Nicole Flint

    You look great! I love the entire outfit and how it came together!

  21. Wow, you styled this outfit so well! I love how details make everything really interesting.

  22. I love your bag! It is so unique. The whole outfit looks so good! Thank you for sharing.

  23. Such a pretty style! I love how rompers are getting more sophisticated. Your colorful accessories really make this outfit pop too!

    1. Its always about the accessories. LOL thanks girl

  24. oh I love this and the colour is amazing I just might have to go and treat myself I think

    1. Go right on ahead lol thanks girl

  25. Rebecca Swenor

    I love the romper on you and the color. Your whole outfit is amazing with your hair and accessories too. The outfits in the video are amazing too. Thanks for sharing these outfits and your experience.

  26. I love Navy and you look great in that outfit!

  27. Amy

    You are rocking the look!! Your hair, earrings, and bag are all awesome! The navy is fabulous.

  28. You look fabulous. Love the romper. Love your hair. Everything just looks so good.

  29. I’m surprised by how you match your bag with your beaded necklace instead of your romper. This came as a surprising look and with your gorgeous hair, the whole look simply fits!

    1. Always switch it up 🙂

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