Murray West FW16 Capsule Collection

Last week Murray West presented his FW16 Capsule Collection at Contra Studios and it was surely a sight to see. The concept of the event was a bit presentation-like but the real show was shooting the lookbook  backstage.  l love that designers are creating ways to make active-wear chic.

As I headed backstage, I was enamored by the dark toned model who was posing against the orange back drop.

Murray West FW16 1

Horizontal stripes are a staple in this collection as they appeared in most of the looks.

Murray West FW16 2

Murray West FW16 3

Yet we can’t forget about the zipper detail as well.

Murray West FW16

Murray West FW16 5

Murray West FW16 4

Even when there’s great apparel, it is very important to place the pieces on the model that compliment the pieces the most. What I love about viewing this collection is that there was a great diversity amongst the models. It truly brings a sense of inclusiveness to the line.

Murray West FW16 7

There is no room for off-days as apparel that some may lounge in has many variations of chic to it.

Click here to see what I wore to view the collection.

Images: 3FS

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