Multicolored Gem from Target – Christopher John Rogers

I found a multicolored gem from Target. I don’t know about you but I’m absolutely in love with the Christopher John Rogers collection at Target. I’m currently listening to The Cutting Room Floor by Recho Omondi while typing this blog post and realized that this is truly one of my favorite podcasts of all time and I listen (and watch) a lot of podcasts but that’s just how great this podcast is. The Visual Lexicon episode which aired on June 23, 2021 featured Christopher John Rogers. I already knew he’s iconic as I’ve been in love with his garments for years but wow this podcast solidified my feelings for him as a creative. When I threw on the multicolored plaid dress, I paired it with the Befitting Style Serenity Earrings from the Bliss Collection.

Take a peek at my Christopher John Rogers for Target haul above.

I visited my happy place (Target) and stumbled upon the Christopher John Rogers collection. I was familiar with the collaboration but somehow forgot about it until I just so happen to browse through Target’s apparel section. I immediately fell in love because I’ve always believed Christopher John Rogers loves colors just as much as I do.

Many pieces caught my eye but I ended up initially grabbing 3 pieces, then went back to Target (its hard to resist that store) and picked up 2 more pieces.

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to film a haul for YouTube and share all the goodies!

For an evening outing, I wore a multicolored plaid dress from his collection.

Since it features a voluminous silhouette as most of his items do, it’s only right that I threw my hair in a high ponytail to match the dramatics of the dress.

Keeping it bright, I paired the dress with a green Brandon Blackwood ESR Bag.

Strutted through the evening in Tory Burch heels.

What I love most about the Christopher John Rogers for Target collection is that its so different from any other Target collaboration. I’m truly amazed by how Christopher was able to keep the quality and silhouette that matches his brand at such an affordable price. At this point, he’s iconic! I can’t wait for you to see me me wear more of his items from this collection.

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