Multicolor Stripe Dress – Christopher John Rogers for Target

When I laid my eyes on this multicolor stripe dress designed by Christopher John Rogers for Target, I immediately thought I would wear it as a dress. Little did I know that once I threw it on for Lon Burgundy’s Flatbush Mixer, it would end up being a top for the evening.

I had to throw on the Befitting Style Serenity Earring from the Bliss Collection! The more color blocking, the better.

I absolutely love this hairstyle! Its my fave for the summer! The bigger the hair, the better. Check out how I did this ponytail in the video below.

I paired the dress with orange shorts from Zara and denim Sam Edelman heels.

I heard Wednesdays belong to Lon Burgundy and I had to find out. It was an evening filled with black people simply exuding joy at The Rogers Garden in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

The vibe was amazing, the wine was perfect and the DJ played just enough hip hop, reggae, dancehall and soca to get everyone jumping.

Of course I kept my goodies in the green Brandon Blackwood ESR bag.

I actually thought I would never wear these Sam Edelman shoes again because I wore them too much a few years ago but it felt perfect for this fit.

My summer has been so fun thus far. I honestly just appreciate that I get to go out this summer unlike last summer when we all had to stay home.

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  1. Comfort Ayoade

    We thank God for this year summer. I love that dress on you, beautiful. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Thanks Oyin, God bless you. Amen

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