Monochrome Gray Fringe

I’ve probably never worn gray as much as I have during these past few weeks but I promise that I’ll be back to my brights in no time. I’ve loved this fringe off the shoulder sweater for so long and I’m so happy that I finally got to wear it.

Feeling like I’m in need of about 50 metallic mini skirts. I can’t get enough of them! Its an easy way for me to shimmer during my non-sequin days.

My love for fringe drew me to this sweater! It’s perfectly oversized and originally was a v-neck. I elevated it to off the shoulder by cutting the neckline off. I probably shouldn’t have cut so much of the neckline off in the back but this is yet another lesson learned for the next time I try this on an oversized piece.

Sticking to wearing sandals in the winter, I opted for a pair of black Michael Kors blocked heel sandals to pair with gray socks.

I haven’t been wearing makeup lately so my skin has been breathing tremendously (Bare Face is the Best Face).

What style have you been opting for lately?

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