Mommy Made Me Love Berets | NYFW FW18

My mom has consistently spoken of her love for berets for many years. Although she drew my attention to it, my love for hats has always made it hard to stay away. For the second day of NYFW, I knew I had to throw on this red beret. My look was filled with neutrals and a pop of red (the usual) as well as a bit of metallic.

My day started off at Malan Breton! He never ceases to amaze me with his collections! Then I went over to the Xuly Bët, Mimi Prober, Hogan McLaughlin fashion show which was held at Industria Studios.

Regardless of my extremely wrinkled pants from running around, I still ended my night at the Concept Korea After Party which was so fun!

When I refrain from jackets, a sweater usually suffices and in this case, a sweater paired with a vest worked best.

They say 60% of heat escapes from your head so this red beret kept me super warm!

I’ve wanted red boots for so long! Once I saw these red booties, I knew I had to have them! Because of my strong belief of keeping it bright throughout the winter, I knew it was time to whip them out!


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8 Thoughts to “Mommy Made Me Love Berets | NYFW FW18”

  1. Comfort Ayoade

    Hi sweetie, l love your red beret and red booty shoe. The beret and the shoe announce you to every event attended by you that day
    The most important is for you to enjoy yourself and I know you did. God bless you Oyin. Amen

  2. That beret looks wonderful on you. The only hat my mom ever wore was a scarf

  3. This outfit is absolutely amazing! so colorful! i love the beret and how it complements the boots! such a nice outfit girl! xx corinne

  4. Just my style!I love red, boots, and hats. Love this amazing looks!

  5. Irina Rena

    You definitely rock that beret. I can’t pull them off that well. I am loving that pop of red you added to your outfit!

  6. I love berets – I actually just bought a couple last week. Problem is my daughter also loves them and now we seem to be in a power struggle.

  7. Becca Wilson

    That beret is so very adorable. Red is my favorite color and so this one really sticks with me!

  8. I love a beret too, and you totally rock this red one with those red boots. A great look.

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