Modest Chic | NYFW FW18

I love switching between wearing pieces that accentuate my legs and keeping it modest. Any opportunity that I have to wear my favorite colors (pink and green) gets me so excited so for day 4 of NYFW, I threw on a calf-length pink chiffon long sleeve dress and paired it with a green and pink jacket. Some wouldn’t opt for these colors during the winter but I love to keep it bright so its perfect for me and wearing my favorite colors always keeps my spirit up.

I went over to Pier 59 for Custo Barcelona and swooned over their sequins, then JXY n’ Cuso as well as Zwade Devenish’s presentation.

I kept my neck loaded with beaded necklaces and paired it with tassel earrings. My love for fringe makes it so hard for me to stay away from tassel earrings.

I can’t wear such a pink look without throwing on a matching pink lipstick such as the Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle “Candy Venom”.

Because I waited so long to wear this belt since High School and I’ve only worn it last season, its only right that I whip it out again and put it to use.

Although I love the print, my favorite part about the jacket is the green corduroy lapel.


Do you keep it modest at times?

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10 Thoughts to “Modest Chic | NYFW FW18”

  1. What a bold and beautiful outfit! It looks simply gorgeous on you. What really surprises me is how well that overcoat goes with it. It really looks great – and is the perfect length.

  2. Oh my goodness check out that outfit! I am loving the brilliant pink against the coat what an interesting mix of colours!

  3. This is such a cool and unique look. Love the spring colors!

  4. Kathy

    That’s a very colorful outfit. It looks very lovely on you. I don’t know if I’d be able to pull that much color off though.

  5. You look fabulous! How did you get the invites to fashion shows? Did you apply? or were invited directly?

  6. Ada

    That jacket is just amazing! I love all the colors here.

  7. I love your beaded necklaces and tassel earrings! I like the combination of pink and green. You look awesome!

  8. One of my favorite prints to wear are florals. I just love this coat with the bright pink dress. So stunning.

  9. You absolutely nailed it dear. The coat is something I would love to have in my closet!

  10. Ruth I.

    Your outfit is lovely! The dress looks really nice and the accessories too.

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