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I created Befitting Style as a place to document my style, provide style tips and ideas and occasionally talk about my feelings. As much as I want to talk about mixing prints and how much I love these DVF shorts that I can’t stop wearing for the past few years, what’s heavy on my heart is 

an article that I recently read.

Before we dive into my feelings about the article, I’ll explain my look for a bit. My favorite thing to do is mix prints! I tend to do it by default without even realizing it. While hanging out with friends, I wore a striped off the shoulder top which you may notice from one of my recent videos that focused on shopping at TJ Maxx. My head is actually wrapped in a jumpsuit. Yes, you read correctly. A Jumpsuit. I couldn’t find a grey scarf or a piece of fabric to go with my look so I grabbed a grey jumpsuit and wrapped it up! Okay now back to discussing my feelings!

Lindsay Peoples Wagner wrote an incredible article about being black and working in fashion. She spoke with 100 black professionals in fashion to get their thoughts on the matter. It warms my heart to read these honest words!

I know every industry has their pros and cons but for some reason, it seems to be so much harder in fashion if you’re black. White people can have less knowledge about black culture and/or black hair and somehow still get the job of creating content on this matter. If it was the other way around, the black person wouldn’t get the job because blacks have to know twice as much and work twice as hard in order to get a seat at the table.

I didn’t plan on talking about this today but this is what’s heavy on my heart. People don’t want you to talk about race but if it’s not talked about, it’s almost like it’s not happening. I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Black Studies 4 years ago because speaking out about black matters mattered to me much more than I can explain although, during those times, it wasn’t “cool” to speak on racial and social injustice.


I’m so appreciative of Lindsay Peoples Wagner for creating a space for black individuals in various levels of fashion to speak their truth about how much harder it is to be black in fashion.

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