The Launch of How To Slay by Constance White | NYFW

I kicked off NYFW by attending Constance White’s, How To Slay, book launch! I love reading fashion books, especially when its written by those who have been in the fashion industry for many years such as Constance White. Books by the greats are usually filled with wisdom so I’m so excited to dive right in.

I dazzled in one of my favorites blazers as sequins always keep my spirit up.

The Launch of How To Slay by Constance White | NYFW

As usual, I kept it bright wearing green pants and a yellow top.

This Kate Spade bag is slowly becoming one of my favorites so I was easily convinced to mix metals.

My head needed an accessory as well so I threw on one of my old Ankara fabric and wrapped it right on.

I also met the wonderful Miss J Alexander who was so sweet and kind!

The Launch of How To Slay by Constance White | NYFW | Miss J Alexander

The event went so well that they ran out of books! While I wasn’t able to snag a book at the launch, I’ll be sure to order one at Amazon.

I’m so excited that NYFW is here!


Stay tuned.

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10 Thoughts to “The Launch of How To Slay by Constance White | NYFW”

  1. I just love your purple lips. I wish I could wear lipstick but the texture annoys me and I tend to lick it off.

  2. I love all of the colors in your outfit. It’s fun, bright, and makes me happy just looking at it.

  3. Shannon Sawicki

    Love the look of the Ankara fabric that you wrapped. Very colorful and a prefect statement piece.

  4. Oh my goodness what an absolutely fantastic outfit -I am loving how colourful it is you look amazing!

  5. Ada

    Such a fun and colorful look! I hope you had fun at NYFW.

  6. NYFW is exciting! You look awesome and I love your purse and blazer. Enjoy!

  7. Those colors look great on you. Green is definitely very flattering for you.

  8. You definitely slayed with that green and gold color combination. Everything from the headwrap to the lipstick killed it!!

  9. I love your outfit. My favorite is your pants.

  10. Comfort Ayoade

    Whao , you and Ms J Alexzander took picture together is beautiful. I like your head gear (gele), it is fit for a Queen

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