Laquan Smith SS17 | NYFW

We all know about the lack of diversity within the fashion industry. What I love about Laquan Smith is that not only did he utilize a lot of black models for his SS17 presentation, but he also utilized models of different sizes instead of sticking to the staple size 2 and 4 that the other designers gravitate towards. Because of that alone, he stood out to me. It shows that he’s different from others and truly sees beauty in a variety of people. His clothes are created for all people. We live in a diverse world so I never really understood why most designers opt for white models (then utilize 2 colored models to seem diverse). When designers have a diverse line up of models, it makes it easier for the average person to envision themselves in their pieces. Looking at a woman that looks like them will surely make them feel like they can also wear the looks. Laquan Smith did that effortlessly.



Inspired by elements of nature, one can see how these metallic pieces came to fruition through the imagery of thunder and lightning.


The mesh and jersey bodysuits along with ornate lace dresses were the key pieces that stood out to me in the collection.






I’m pretty much in love with the presentation of the collection as well as the pieces.

What do you think?

Images: Laquan Smith

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