Lace Galore at Tadashi Shoji SS17 | NYFW

Tadashi Shoji seamlessly will make you fall in love with lace! Its the variety of the lace pieces that he provides in this collection that is extremely pleasing to the eyes, making one believe that even if they never liked lace before, they just might give it a chance after viewing his collection.

Providing lace florals was simply impeccable. Lace can be tricky as it can easily look like it belongs in the intimates category such as lingerie. Tadashi Shoji presented a collection of amazing laces made for the girl having a night out on the town or an evening of elegance that turns into something steamy like shown on .


When I asked Mary Dyann her thoughts on the show, she simply replied saying, “Tadashi made me want o be a lace girl”. I’ve always been a lace girl so he just made me fall deeper in love as he showcased a variety of ways to lace intricately with poise.





Fringes were my utmost favorite detail of his pieces. Of course since the dresses are wrapped in fringes, its only right that the looks are accessorized with fringe earrings as well.




I’m also noticing an increase of pieces with trains this season.


If your’e swooning over this collection like I am, your’e in luck! Select items are available to shop at until September 30,2016.

What do you think of this collection?


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One Thought to “Lace Galore at Tadashi Shoji SS17 | NYFW”

  1. Naturally I like lace. Lace is always elegant as lingerie or as a beauful dress/top. Tadashi Shojo is a brilliant designer. The lace are been used in different ways unimaginable but adorable. Now I want to own lace dresses in different shapes and form. God bless you Oyin. Amen.

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