Keeping Neon Alive

I’ve loved neon my entire life so the new surge of neon somewhat turned me off as many trends turn me off especially when its something I’ve taken part of for a long period of time. Part of me wonders if many will continue to opt for neon during the fall as fall tends to bring out many neutrals.

I find it interesting that many switched out their neutrals for such bold, glow in the dark hues which would be the complete opposite of what they would opt for all for the sake of following trends. Staying true to myself while others are simply imitating societal preferences is quite a task because when something I love becomes trendy, I naturally gravitate away from it as I enjoy being in my own little world and doing the things that I love. As a work in progress, that’s one area where I’m hoping to evolve.

This Walter Baker shirt dress is an oldie but goodie that I loved so much 5 years ago and wore it while playing at the Santa Monica Pier so I whipped it back out when my best friend told me we’re going to a neon party for her birthday.

The back and sleeves are neon green, making it a semi neon look but it still works for the theme.

I also used the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Aina palette for this look.

Pairing it with light neon shoes was literally the most perfect idea! The clear bag was a must of course.

Do you plan on wearing neon this fall?

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