Kaftan | Happy Nigerian Independence Day

Happy Saturday and Happy Nigerian Independence Day to all my Nigerians! I know that I sporadically wear my traditional garments (even though some think I wear it quite often) but I wanted to definitely make sure that I present a post featuring one of our main styles which is a kaftan.



I am a very proud Nigerian and besides all the craziness that occurs, one must focus on the good. Because I obsess over style so much, my favorite part of our culture is the style.




This may sound crazy but sometimes I don’t care for comfort when I get dressed. I get dressed to look good. My comfort zone is in what looks good. When I find an item that looks good and feels super comfy, I’m immediately in love and this velvet kaftan was sure to provide some extra comfort.






Of course I topped it off with a velvet gele.



I originally wanted to wear a different type of gele but my mom convinced me to wear this one as it came with the kaftan. Mothers know best.


I remember when I was little and being Nigerian was made fun of. Everything from our clothes to the way we speak was the main target for class clowns. Now its a trend. Regardless of whether your culture is trending or not, be proud of where you come from. Take ownership of your heritage. Love who you are and love your culture. Focus on the good. Culture is a beautiful thing to have.


Happy 56 years of Independence. I love you Nigeria!

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  1. Happy Independence Birthday to NIGERIA. I love you Nigeria. Our culture is a beautiful culture full of fun, love, food , dancing and respect for our elders. Our culture is colorful, we are sunshine people as a result we always wear bright color. Above all , we love God Almighty, we are believers. God bless you Oyin. Amen.

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