Irina Shabayeva & Domenico Vacca Fashion Show & Brunch

Prior to attending this event, I was already loving Irina Shabayeva’s SS17 collection as I was able to view it during NYFW. When I received an invitation to attend this show and brunch, I didn’t hesitate to go as I already knew what was in store. Because I didn’t know enough about Domenico Vacca’s collection, I was excited to be enlightened.

With NYFW being split into mens and womens shows, there are only a couple of shows featuring a bit of the opposite sex while showing their collections. When I attend womens shows and see a few male models, it’s usually a bit of a surprise as it’s not always expected.  It’s fun to go to an event knowing that it will be featuring both menswear and womenswear.

Irina’s bridal and formalwear are not to be played with. Created with such intricacy, she infused tulle in long and short dresses; perfect to wear for cocktail parties and even if you want to be the belle of the ball.




She shows that a bride does not have to stick to tulle and lace, as she can also opt for chic feather embellishments.



It’s clear to see that Irina’s focus is to create stand-out pieces.





Domenico Vacca’s suits are created with more subtlety than Irina’s dresses. Although they are subtle, they still feature details alluring to the eyes such as printed and velvet blazers.



His luxury menswear displays a contemporary Italian cut that is always sort after by the stars.


After displaying both collections, brunch was served.


I really love the concept of this event. As an avid bruncher, I appreciate that this was not just a regular show where you go and view a collection then leave. It was a concept of a show and presentation as the models mingled during brunch while wearing the pieces. One can easily feel relaxed while sipping on their signature drink, eating a macaron and getting a closer look at the pieces.

Irina Shabayeva’s collection is currently available at the Domenico Vacca New York store located at 15 W 55 street. Be sure to also check out the current Domenico Vacca menswear collection.

This was truly a taste of luxury.

What do you think of both collections?

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22 Thoughts to “Irina Shabayeva & Domenico Vacca Fashion Show & Brunch”

  1. I always like the Cinderella type of wedding dress. The colors were bold , dramatic and chic at the same time. Beautifully presented. I like Domenica Vacca’s men design. It looks like a body wrap, great Italian style. It is good to know that we can get Irina Shabayeva’s pieces in Domenico Vacca store, I will stop by to check it out.

  2. Yuliya

    i love the red dress that looks like leather 🙂

  3. Gorgeous collections. I wish I had somewhere to wear a fun dress like that!!

    1. It would be awesome to have somewhere to wear it these pieces to!

  4. I am deeply in love! I love high fashion and miss it. These gowns are amazing!

  5. I think they’re stunning. It makes me wish I was a model so I could try those dresses on.

  6. What gorgeous dresses! All these colors are fantastic! And the food looks tasty too.

  7. looks like such a great event, i love Irina’s designs and the brunch looks delicious!

  8. blair villanueva

    I like this collection especially the ninth dress. Classic and beautiful!

  9. Dannii

    Wow, that first red dress is so stunning. I would have loved to have worn something like that at my wedding. Beautiful collection

    1. Its definitely a different type of stand out piece for a bride!

  10. These are all great choices and we do not always have to follow the traditional ways! I loved all the outfits but my favourite is the yellow!

  11. All the pics are stunning. Lucky you that you got to experience it first hand.

  12. What beautiful images! Wish I had an occasion to wear something like those dresses!

  13. Such creativity in all these designs but I really like the short black feathery dress.

  14. My favorite one is the short red dress. It looks fun and ready to party. I love her shoes too – just perfect for a vibrant dress.

  15. I think that red sparkly dress is my favorite!

  16. I like every one of them. I love the bright colors.

  17. What an amazing event and such beautiful women’s and men’s wear I am loving it.

    1. The event matched up to the quality of the pieces featured 🙂

  18. Shane

    Wow what red dress is so glam! I would love to play princess for a day

  19. Oh gosh that first pink dress is to die for. So beautiful. I’m seeing more and more of the whole crop top like dresses around.

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