I Do Not Believe In Fall Colors

I refuse to limit myself to dull colors due to the change of seasons. I am a color loving individual and I wear bright colors throughout the year. The season does not dictate which color I should wear, yet I know it does for most people. Though I may not believe in fall colors, I am completely aware of the seasons that are associated with certain colors.





Besides the fact that dark colors attract heat and bright colors don’t, people opt for black just because the weather looks a certain way, even if we are in a comfortable 68  degree weather. I receive such a weird look from people for wearing such bright colors. If you tend to opt for a dark colored clothing for most of fall and winter, understand that you can stay warm wearing bright colors as well. Despite the fact that dark colors attract heat, I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing black in the summer. There are many ways to wear black in the summer without being hot just as there are many ways one can wear colors during the cooler months without feeling cold.





Vest: Daytrip

Shirt: Andrew & Company

Skirt: Method





A lot of fashion enthusiasts believe that there is a fall color. They tend to be more inclined to wearing burgundy lipstick in the fall and winter and less likely to wear such lipstick during the summer and spring as if they couldn’t wear it throughout the year.



Hat: H&M

Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

Shoes: Zara








As we have stepped into the fall season, expect my bright style to continue throughout the fall… and the winter too (yes even when it snows). I wear all colors during each season. This doesn’t mean that I won’t wear any dark colors as I tend to opt for dark pieces when I really don’t feel like getting dressed (not often). I do not allow the weather to dim my creativity by allowing it to limit me.

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4 Thoughts to “I Do Not Believe In Fall Colors”

  1. comfort

    I naturally love blue. Blue has something in it that makes it unique. It is sharp without pulling you down. Blue always makes a statement. I love the shade of the blue that oyinkan is wearing , it’s sharp and beautiful.

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  4. […] which grants you versatile  opportunities such as choosing between wearing long sleeve or  short sleeve ,  sweaters or jackets, winter does not offer those […]

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