How I Style | Casual Jumpsuit

In this blazing heat, sleeveless jumpsuits are a must! I love wearing jumpsuits because they are so easy to put on. Once you have a jumpsuit on, all that’s needed are the right accessories, making it the right piece of clothing for the woman on the go. Tops require you to find the right bottoms and vice versa, but a one piece shortens the time spent on getting dressed.





I tend to wear a turban on my head quite often because it’s a great part of my comfort zone. You may end up seeing more turbans and maybe some geles (Yoruba term) in future posts.



 When wearing a plain jumpsuit, a chunky necklace is a must.


I decided to pair this jumpsuit with a crossbody bag by Kate Spade


Thanks for reading this post.

Until next time my loves!

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2 Thoughts to “How I Style | Casual Jumpsuit”

  1. alicia

    this look is incredible! where did you get the jumpsuit?

    1. Oyinkan

      Thank you! I got the jumpsuit from a Jachs pop up store but you may also be able to get it online.

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