Happy New Year || Sequins and Fringes

Hi guys! Happy New Year!! I feel very refreshed now that the new year has begun. It is truly time for higher heights and I’m excited for what this year will bring. If you’re not new to my blog, then you already know that I am a sequins lover. Sequins completes a look in such a beautiful way. To bring in the new year, most people opt for a sequins piece to compliment their look or sometimes become the whole look. To be completely honest, I didn’t want to wear sequins like everyone else, yet because I wear sequins all year round, I have a lot of sequins pieces, therefore causing a sequins dress to be an easier choice for me.


I paired my striped sequins dress with a fringe clutch.









Dress: Vince Camuto

Bag: Express

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

When a new year approaches, reflection of the previous year, naturally occurs. Don’t beat yourself up about the goals that you did not get to achieve in 2015. Everything happens for a reason. When you think about it, progression is what really matters. If your goal was to reach the next level of whatever your interest may be, yet you are only half way to the next level, your’e doing fine. You’re still progressing and learning and that’s what matters most.

Success is not about convenience. It’s about hard work. No matter how good you are, if you don’t apply the necessary hard work, it inhibits you from reaching your fullest potential.

If your’e reading this, that means you survived the new year craziness.

Stay beautiful. Stay safe. Until next time style lovers… xoxo

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  1. Comfort

    Happy new year to you. . Thank God we all survived 2015. You really rock that sequins dress——bravo. You are welcome back to trill us with your beautiful style as always. The dress shows all the contures and your figure. God bless you OYIN. Amen

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