I change my mind… a lot. I love bright colors but every now and then I don’t mind throwing on  some dark or neutral pieces. This grunge look probably resonates most with those who prefer wearing clothes that they can just throw on or individuals who love the comfortability that hoodies provide. This may not be as chill as a hoodie but it provides a similar comfort which is usually the main reason people wear hoodies.

Befitting Style Grunge Look 16

Befitting Style Grunge Look 14

Because I’m such a lippie (lipstick lover), I sometimes style my looks around the lipstick that I feel like wearing at the moment. At this moment, I wanted a black lip so I wore a black and white blazer with geometric printed sleeves.

Befitting Style Grunge Look 19

Befitting Style Grunge Look 11

The sleeves being sealed with a red hem is probably my favorite part of this blazer. One can still have a bit of color when going grunge.

Befitting Style Grunge Look_

Befitting Style Grunge Look 2

With a turtle neck that is wide and long enough to comfortably sink almost half of your face into, this vest is great for this transitional month that we call March.

Befitting Style Grunge Look 13

It can also be rolled down if it gets a bit warm.

Befitting Style Grunge Look 10

I may not have much vinyl pieces but I’ve always been a sucker for leather. Implementing faux leather leggings into this look made me realize a thing or two.

Befitting Style Grunge Look 3

Sometimes when throwing pieces on, you learn something new. I realized that pairing vinyl and leather (although this is faux),  can produce a rather interesting look. Prior to wearing this look, I wasn’t sure if vinyl and leather would end up clashing, but they seems to compliment each other.

Befitting Style Grunge Look 6

Vinyl Vest Zara

Blazer H&M

Faux Leather Leggings H&M

Shoes GX by Gwen Stefani

Befitting Style Grunge Look 8

Do you ever go grunge?

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One Thought to “Grungy”

  1. Comfort

    I don’t think I have ever put on grunge. I am a corporate dresser. Hey, the best thing in life is to put on something and in the end , it looks like magic. To me everything you put on just complement each other. We are in a transition wherein it might be cold today, snow tomorrow or sunning day after. The weather this winter have been totally understand predictable and most of the time unseasonab. My bible in everything we should thank God. I think with the way the weather is this week, your outlook is superb, gorgeous , beautiful. God bless you Oyin.

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