Glisten Into The New Year | Sequins Dress

So it was New Year’s Eve and I had to figure out what to wear to the night’s festivities.  Because I’m a sequins lover, I had to throw on a sequin dress. Celebrating the new year is the only night that I get to walk into a soiree and expect many others to glisten in their sequins. I absolutely love it! I love that people become more bold and are able to feel comfortable to reach for the dress that they would consider a bit too loud any other time.


Lets take things back a bit. About a week before the year ended, I was able to get my much needed box braids. I used to get my hair box braided yearly then stopped four years ago. I’ve wanted box braids for so long but didn’t want any hands in my hair so this time, I challenged myself to it and the style turned out to look better than expected. I guess I’ll be doing my own box braids from now on.

As I decided to rock a high ponytail for the night, I added a bit more pizazz by placing one of my malleable necklaces around my ponytail.

I also ended up accessorizing with one of my favorite clutches that’s an oldie but goodie as well as silver bracelets which includes one of my new favorites from Uno de 50.

Making new memories with old friends truly made it a night I will never forget.


It’s a new day and most importantly, it’s a new year! Happy New Year to you all and I wish you a prosperous year!

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28 Thoughts to “Glisten Into The New Year | Sequins Dress”

  1. That dress is beautiful!

  2. What a lovely dress! I like your handbag as well! I really liked the high ponytail idea because it gets pretty hot during the celebrations!

    1. Gets wayy too hot! Thank you 🙂

  3. Mar

    That dress is so fancy! I love the colour, it would make me feel like a mermaid 🙂

  4. What a beautiful and gorgeous dress you had on with an awesome bag. Happy New Year to you Oyin. Have a good one, God bless. Amen

  5. nice outfit! love the look but esp the dress!

  6. Your hair is GORGEOUS – nice job! Also, that dress is amazing – it’s so perfect 20s flapper without having any sense of being dated or old. Great outfit!!

    1. Thanks so much!!!!! I love the 20s flapper style!!!!

  7. Crystal Marie

    Such a pretty dress. I really like the color and the neckline.

  8. Gorgeous dress. You look amazing.

  9. You look so fierce, girl! I love that clutch! 🙂

    xo Kathryn

  10. Rachel

    Your dress looks great on you! I hope you had an amazing time on New Year!

    1. I sure did!!! Had a very memorable time!

  11. Beautiful pattern! I love sequins on clothes–especially for celebrations like NYE!

    1. Super lover of sequins!!!

  12. love the colour of the dress and the accessories, I’m one of those that doesn’t do sequins, but new year is an exception even for me 🙂

    1. Glad you’d make the exception 🙂

  13. I love this dress for so many reasons! The color and the detail is just so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  14. such a pretty dress and love your bag!

  15. Such a fun dress! And your braids are everything love.
    xx | A

  16. Love love love the dress! So fun and festive. And I love the accessories you chose. Especially the one in your hair, so pretty!

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