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Not everyone wears next to nothing during the warmer seasons. Some people like to wear leather jackets even during the summer. Although the SS17 line is titled The Pale Blue, General Idea included a lot of neutrals and some leather in his line. Along with the neutrals, he was sure to include a few pastel pieces that was a great reminder of the title.

General Idea SS17 1

Known for providing high end comfortable pieces, this season incorporated metallic leather jackets paired with oversized tops and bottoms.

General Idea SS17 2

Black and white pieces are always a classic way to incorporate neutrals. General Idea took us out of space by accessorizing with platform oxfords.

General Idea SS17 3

General Idea SS17 6

Brown neutrals came in variations of jackets: from sleeveless to full sleeves, to cotton and leather. These are great for the chilly spring evenings.

General Idea SS17 4 For those who tend to tread lightly with lighter colors, if you want to give it a try, taking a few hints from this collection would be a great way to ease into wearing lighter hues. Pairing pastels with neutrals isn’t daring and a bit easier than wearing a whole look featuring brighter colors.

General Idea SS17 5

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