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Georgine FW17 6

For the woman who is scantily clad, enjoys rendezvous at upscale hotels and loves to be dressed in fur and lace, The Georgine FW17 collection had you in mind. Inspired by the free spirit who barely abides by any rules within her lifestyle but still loves to look fab, this collection was sure to feature pieces that are not too risque, yet the implementation of fur and lace is just enough to paint the picture.

Georgine FW17 3 lace

Furs were printed with deep hues and paired with leather throughout the collection.

Georgine FW17 4 fur lace

Georgine FW17 5

Fur stoles were draped on the shoulder and worn with a variety of jackets as well as dresses including slip dresses and shirt dresses.

It’s no surprise that the models were given messy curly hair because a woman who’s sole purpose is to have fun, is highly likely to have a hair out of place every now and again (no shame).

Whether this unapologetic lifestyle is relatable to yours or not, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the items in the Georgine FW17 collection are still easy to pair with different pieces of clothing in pretty much any woman’s closet.

Learn more about Georgine at Georgine.com.

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  1. Furs will always go and keep coming back in fashion. This shows that there is no limit to the way you can wear your fur. Even if you put fur on jeans elegantly, it will transform your and make you look gorgeous . Thanks Oyin and God bless you. Amen

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