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Honestly, every season is full skirt season! I wear full skirts during the winter as much as  I do during spring. With my current (and past) love for ruffles, I had to pair this red full skirt with a one-shoulder ruffle top. Its interesting to see how ruffles are back in season as they were forgotten about for quite some time but I guess that’s fashion being fashion. Constantly changing and recycling old styles.

I finally learned how to wear fake eyelashes and it completely changed my perspective on my beauty routine. Now I feel the need to wear fake lashes every time (maybe just most of the time) I get dolled up. I love it!

My love for off the shoulder pieces leads me to be in love with one shoulder tops as well. Ever since I purchased this ruffled one shoulder top, I couldn’t wait to wear it.

This red skirt is an oldie but goodie that I love wearing it to brighten up my look. Its been a while so I knew I needed to whip it out and show it some love yet again.

I kind of prefer full skirts over mini skirts as it keeps me from the hassle of constantly pulling down my mini skirt as it rises up. Full skirts provide freedom!

You may remember these shoes from my birthday! As much as I love a satin heel, I’m not too fond of how quick it stains.

My love for novelty bags lives long as I will forever love this bag that goes way back to my college days.


What are you currently into this spring?

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5 Thoughts to “Full Skirt Season | Stepford Chic”

  1. Love the bright colors. You wear them well. A cute outfit that will get you noticed!

  2. Those shoes alone took my breath away! I love the outfit too though, you are killin it right down to the accessories!

  3. You look beautiful. I can not decide if I’m fond of a skirt or blouse or your makeup! The whole outfit is perfect!

  4. I just love your wardrobe! You always look amazing! And that skirt is so pretty . I can’t wait until it warms up in Boston so I can start wearing my skirts.

  5. The photos are super cute and so are the outfits. I love your style! I WANT that orange skirt.

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