Leanne Marshall FW18 | Flowing Bliss | NYFW

When you think of the day of love, a few things that come to mind are flowers, romance and maybe for some, flowy pieces that elegantly blow in the wind (or maybe that’s just me). It was so befitting for the Leanne Marshall FW18 collection to be showcased on Valentines Day. Leanne Marshall did not disappoint as she presented her usual silk chiffon pieces.

 Flowing Bliss | Leanne Marshall FW18 | NYFW

Flowing Bliss | Leanne Marshall FW18 | NYFW

Because inclusion is so important to me, I’m always looking out for a diverse range of models being used throughout presentations and shows. The fashion industry has lacked in diversity for so long, therefore its always refreshing when various races are represented on the runway. Seeing quite a few black, Asian and Hispanic models warmed my heart.

Flowing Bliss | Leanne Marshall FW18 | NYFW

Diversity wasn’t only represented in race. It was also represented in size. With shoes by Miss Garcia and beauty by Aveda, the plus size models strutted along the runway in gowns featuring unusually striking necklines.

Flowing Bliss | Leanne Marshall FW18 | NYFW

Bold hues and soft pastels with silk chiffon get me every season!

Mauve neutrals are just as delicious as her other pieces. Although I’m a lover of bright colors, its hard not to be in love with this.

After the Leanne Marshall FW18 finale walk, she was presented with a bouquet of roses, which was a perfect treat for Valentines Day.

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