Florals Galore | 2 Piece Set

One of my favorite prints to wear is floral! It embodies a lot of what I love in pieces: flowy, bright and feminine. When I layed my eyes on this yellow two piece at a boutique in Jersey, I felt it calling my name so I knew I had to have it! I thought to myself, “This would be perfect for when I get away from home for a bit”.

I was originally going for a tropical make up look but that didn’t work out as my effort of implementing red eyeshadow didn’t go as planned. Being the fixer that I am, I was able to work my way around it and still end up with  decent make up for the evening. Take a peak at the video above.

I love the breathability that chiffon provides. It allows me to wear a long sleeve top without feeling hot in 90 degree weather.

Any skirt that moves with the wind is always a plus with me as it adds more personality to the garment.

I headed to dinner at Nobu in Brian Atwood platforms which is slowly becoming one of my favorite shoes to wear this summer.

It’s only right that I kept it bright by infusing bold beaded accessories!

How do you wear florals?

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104 Thoughts to “Florals Galore | 2 Piece Set”

  1. Comfort Ayoade

    The floral dress is beautiful, flowery, elegant, and flowing. It really scream summer. I wish I can get something like that or close . Your hair and the necklace complement it al. Enjoy yourself, God bless you Oyin. Amen.

  2. You look so beautiful! I love the poppy colors on your outfit AND your hair. SO AWESOME!

  3. Wow! This look is just stunning on you. I love the slit in the skirt. That snuck up on me!

    1. LOL snuck right up on you! Too funny! Thank you!

  4. I obsessed with floral patterns! This dress looks fantastic on you!!

  5. Jennifer Van Huss

    That is a beautiful outfit! I love the colours. The length is very fashionable and the slit is gorgeous!

  6. What a great dress. It suits your style and hair color beautifully. I’m not sure that I could wear a long sleeve dress in the summer time though, at least not in Texas, because it’s just too dang hot. But it would be a great spring time dress.

    1. LOl yes I definitely understand.

  7. What a beautiful look and you wear it so very well! The colors are just POPPING and this entire look from head to toe just screams summer fun! I love that dress!

  8. I love the floral print on this dress. I would love to have one of these myself. I also love your hair. That is a great look for you.

    1. Thank you so much. I wish I could link it but I found it in a boutique. I couldn’t even find similar items online.

  9. Molly | Miss Molly Moon

    Um, this two piece is gorgeous and so perfect for summer. It look fabulous on you, too! Loving how you styled it.

    Molly // Miss Molly Moon

  10. Loving this yellow floral dress on you 🙂

  11. You are stunning! The hair! The make-up! The dress! The shoes! Seriously killin it.

  12. You look so gorgeous. I love the bright color and the flowery design.

  13. What a great look! The colors are so distinctive and bold! Love all the photos ?

    1. Thank you so very much!

  14. Love all of the colors and the shoes that match your hair

  15. I absolutely love floral print and two pieces are my JAM! This looks great on you!

  16. I am sure you get that a lot but I think you look awesome! Love the hair, the dress and the attitude!

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

  17. I love that skirt! It looks so fun to walk around and swish!

    1. LOL I love to swish!

  18. I am obsessed with floral print, so this is beyond perfect for me! It looks so comfortable!

    1. It’s definitely comfortable!

  19. Florals are definitely coming back in style, and you look great in them! Loved the video.

  20. I absolutely love that you are so confident to rock so many different colors. Your hair is gorgeous and the combination with your floral dress is spectacular!

  21. I am loving the floral trend this year, especially all the lovely bright colors! This dress is so gorgeous, I just love it!

  22. You look awesome! Your dress is really nice and I like the yellow color!

  23. uprunforlife

    This is a cute dress on you. I love the pretty vibrant colors and it looks super cool. I am a bit of a tomboy and don’t wear very many dresses. I should because they are easy to put on. 🙂

    1. Dresses are Super easy to put on but this is a 2 piece and I had a bit of trouble getting the crop top on but after some pulling and tugging, it fits lol

  24. That yellow floral dress is really awsome .. the way you carrying it is amazing

  25. You can never go wrong with floral in summer. Love that you are rocking bright colours!

  26. I’m in LOVE with that outfit. You look amazing in it. Also, did you do your own hair? I love it!

    1. Thanks girl! Yes I did my hair myself.

  27. You look so beautiful, the print is so well matched to your necklace and the whole look is glorious.

  28. This is such a stunning 2 piece set! I thought for sure it was a dress as the pieces work so well together. Your bright accessories and makeup are perfect with this too, beautiful outfit for dinner! 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thank you! I definitely did have a great weekend!

  29. adriana

    What a pretty look! I love that pattern and those shoes are just so fun with this. So summery and bright – the best part of dressing up this season! 🙂 Love it!

    1. Yess definitely the best part of getting dressed.

  30. You look so amazing in this dress! Plus I absolutely LOVE your hair.

    1. Thank you so much girl!

  31. jennifer

    What a pretty and summery look! I love your jewelry, the funnest accessories make outfits even better! Great style!

  32. Love the dress, the yellow floral looks amazing on you. What great photos.

  33. Victoria heckstall

    What lovely dress! Floral dresses are really awesome and great. I love this!

  34. That dress looks absolutely wonderful! I really like the bright colors of the fabric. You rock girl!

  35. I don’t have anything floral sadly. But I love bright colored dresses. And this is absolutely perfect! I may have to step out of my comfort zone and find something similar!

    And those shoes….to die for!!

    1. Definitely step out of your comfort zone. Theres no growth there LOL I’d love to see you try this.

  36. I am quite boring and only like to wear plain colour clothes. Maybe a striped shirt here or there. The floral looks good on you though 🙂

  37. Wow that is absolutely stunning! It really suits you and you have styled it so nicely. I have to say your hair is beautiful I love it!

  38. That floral dress is absolutely stunning on you!! I think yellow is your color!! Now if only I could convince myself to wear a maxi dress so I can wear this one…

    1. Yessss do it! Wear a maxi dress!

  39. You look AMAZING!!! I love floral prints, and this yellow just makes it pop.

    Caitlin • Blonde Seeking Ambition

  40. Yes to a dress this beautiful and your look is just awesome! I love the yellow eyeshadow! Your outfit is stunning, girl!

  41. Lovely and bold look together! Been looking for a dress like that as well!

    1. It’s a 2 piece. I sooo wish I could find something similar online! Thank you girl!

  42. I love your entire look! That dress is super cute! I love florals for the summer. Whether it’s shorts, a shirt, or an entire dress florals are totally my go-to during the summer!

    1. Yesss florals are my go-to all year round!

  43. Love the yellow dress and the beautiful colors. Looks fabulous on you. The florals look so pretty.

  44. This floral dress is so so beautiful on you! Love all the colours!

  45. Yellow is a fabulous color on you! And yes, I love florals. I wear them often! I love colorful clothes!

    1. Colorful clothes are my go-to! Thank you!

  46. “the ideal of beauty is simplicity and tranquility “

  47. I love your style. Everything about this look is so much fun! You definitely rock it

  48. This two piece looks AMAZING on you. And with your hair…. omg I feel like it was just made for you. So gorgeous

    Michelle | She’s Not So Basic

  49. steve walters

    That dress and your photos are incredible. And, by the way, I love your hair!

  50. Divyanka

    I just loved the dress! The heels are extremely beautiful. You look stunning in this look. Keep rocking ! Great work.

  51. I’ve not heard of this brand before. Those colors look great on you!

  52. Your dress and your makeup complement each other very well!I love your dress, although I’m more of a sleeveless type of girl. It fits you like a glove!

  53. Megan

    You look so beautiful! Florals are really in right now, I see them everywhere. Every part of this outfit was accented so beautifully especially those shoes!

    1. Thank you sooo much my love!

  54. Katherine

    That necklace! It’s everything. And the color, so perfect for the summer.

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