Floral Wrap Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Because I knew that my day was going to consist of some running around, a floral wrap jumpsuit was a must. I find loose clothing to be more breathable in the summer, therefore this wide leg jumpsuit was perfect for running errands and attending festivities such as Curlfest.As I sat on the grass, I was so glad that I was wearing this long and flowy piece from Necessary. It bought great comfortability to the small amount of time that I spent at Curlfest.









I wore wedges a lot a few years ago, then slowing grew out of it. In these days, regular heels are more appealing to me than a wedge, yet I ended up thowing on a pair of my old wedges as a pair of my usual heels would sink in the grass. These wedges are a thowback from Steve Madden. Maybe after wearing wedges with this jumpsuit, I’ll start enjoying them again. Hopefully, that’ll happen because my friend recently showed me some designer wedge heels she’d bought. They were very nice, I just hope I start enjoying wearing wedges again so I can maybe purchase some!








I hope your’e enjoying what’s left of your weekend.

Until next time, xoxo..

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  2. comfort

    Hello flowing flowers. I love it. It fits you well because of your stature and the way you carry yourself. Ironically anything you put on always fits you as if everything is meant for you alone. That’s the grace of God.

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