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Because I’ve been into lace-up dresses lately, it’s only right that this week’s Befitting Pick is a floral mini lace up dress that is way too perfect for spring! I fell in love with this dress without even realizing the detailing in the back as well as the trimming around the hem line. I just love floral items so I immediately gravitated towards this dress that features more than a mock neck and a-line silhouette.

A-line dresses are perfect as they flatter a variety of body types.

The Floral Lace Up Dress That is Perfect For Spring - Befitting Style

Best of all, this dress is inexpensive, just like any other L’atiste dress. Affordable and chic makes shopping feel much less guilty.

If you’ve been hesitant about wearing  florals because you tend to stick to pattens that are much more subtle,  this dress is a great way to test the waters. Although the print features light pink and white florals, the navy blue background keeps the dress from being too bright, making it easier to wear for those who barely dabble in floral attire.

The Floral Lace Up Dress That is Perfect For Spring - Befitting Style 2

I’m excited to stock up on more florals and possibly some other lace up dresses and tops for spring (you can never have too much floral ). With just 12 more days of spring, what are you waiting for?


What do you think of this dress?

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65 Thoughts to “The Floral Mini Lace Up Dress That’s Perfect For Spring | Befitting Picks”

  1. Jamie Jones

    You can never have too much floral. The detail in this dress is fabulous!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is so cute! This actually looks like something a girl character was wearing in an anime show my son was watching yesterday. Very cool!

    1. haha! I could imagine!

  3. so cute- unfortunately my back fat would be escaping out the back

  4. That dress says tea party in the front and frat party in the back. Wow!

    1. I love that! Yessssss

  5. This dress is AMAZING! I also think it’s perfect for wedding season! Great post!

  6. Yulissa

    It really is the perect dress for Spring! Love thise florals!

    1. Florals are the best!

  7. OMG I love this dress!!! That laced up back is gorgeous, and I love the flower pattern and the colours.

  8. I definitely couldn’t get away with wearing this, but it looks adorable for a spring/summer dress for a younger girl.

  9. Oh I love this dress, my daughter could wear it! I love the style and how it flares. So cute!!

  10. that is so cute! I could probably not pull it off, but I would sure try lol

    1. Ha ha I’m sure you can!

  11. This is a really cute dress. I don’t usually go for that much floral but I like the back detail. It works.

  12. Oh this dress is GORGEOUS. I don’t think I could pull it off, but WOW. STUNNING. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Alicia Nicole

  13. That back detailing is just so adorable! And of course, I’m a sucker for anything floral so I love the print.

  14. That’s a nice looking dress. Skirt? I dunno. I don’t understand fashion stuff. I just know it looks nice.

  15. Omg this dress is amazing !! Love the pattern and love the back the most. What bra would you wear with this?

    1. I wouldn’t wear a bra with this, but if you would prefer wearing a bra, try this Silicone Skin Bra. Its great for backless dresses.

  16. The dress is so pretty. Spring is all about flowers and this dress more than fits spring. Also, I love the back!

    1. Soo excited for the flowers to bloom!

  17. Kenya

    This dress is so cute! I could imagine my daughter wearing this?

  18. Not one for fashion me, but I do love the flowely pattern on the dress. Wonder if this will suit my girlfriend, I may have to look into this

    1. Flowers are the best!

  19. I am in need of a new dress as I have a bridal shower in a couple of weeks. This would be super cute!

    1. This would definitely be great for a bridal shower!

  20. Sondra Barker

    This dress is adorable, I love the back details. This is perfect for spring and summer.

  21. This dress is so sexy! I love floral dresses and the design at the back is awesome.

  22. Cheryl

    What a fabulous dress! I love the print

  23. I am a little jealpus right now that you are going into Spring. Living in the Southern Hemisphere means that we just said goodbye to Summer and hello Autumn … 🙁 Spring is my fave season!

    1. Awww OMG! Well at least you’ve been experiencing summer the whole time we’ve been dealing with winter!

  24. Such a cute dress! I love how you wouldn’t expect the back to be strappy, it’s like a little surprise 🙂

  25. YES TO THIS DRESS. i love a-line anything and florals. the back of this dress is BAAAD! i love it! i feel like this can easily be dressed down for lunch with friends or dressed up with heels for a night out!

    1. Exactlyyyyy!!!!!! Literally great for both occasions!!!

  26. What a cute dress! I wish I have the figure to wear it 🙂 I love the laces in the back!

  27. Kathy

    That is a really nice dress. I love it! I don’t know if I could pull something like that off but I do think it’s a beautiful dress.

  28. this really is the perfect for dress, now i want it!

  29. hanna

    Thus dress is gorgeous! I would totally wear this!

  30. Believe me sweetheart, I love that dress, it looks chick, but I must admit I can’t get away with it. The waistline is not for me. God bless you Oyin

  31. I love floral and ooh this dress! That is super cute and I’m in love with it!

  32. This is super cute! Perfect for Spring and Summer!

  33. This is an interesting dress! I love the floral!

  34. wow. that dress is gorg. the back is killin em.

    1. The back is the best! 🙂

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