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If you didn’t know of my love for one piece apparel, now you know. The reason I tend to go for dresses and jumpsuits is because they’re easy. One and done. No need to think of much pieces of clothing to pair it with. Overalls are great for the busy girl on the go and with this Needle and Thread floral lace embroidered overall, you’re able to be the stylish girl on the go.


Overalls requires a top to be worn underneath it unless you’re brave enough to wear it on its own. I’ve previously worn an overall with a bandeau underneath on a hot summer day. If you’re that girl who doesn’t care for tops, then simply throw on an overall and wear a jacket right over it in case it gets chilly. Either way, you have the option of not wearing a top unlike pants and skirts that leave you with no choice.


The black and white floral lace embroidery drew me to this overall. The “regular” doesn’t excite me, therefore the “extra” ignites me. If it pops and it’s fab, then I most likely want it.


As usual, I was sure to include another floral overall (of a cheaper price) in case you’re loving floral overalls as much as I am.


Have you worn overalls lately?

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24 Thoughts to “The Floral Lace Embroidered Overall That’s Perfect For Fall | Befitting Picks”

  1. I love how Russian inspired look is! So beautiful and lux looking.


  2. Call it overall or dungarees as I know it’s being called. It was designed long time ago for blue workers. I really liked it when it became a fashion. Dungarees is an easy wardrobe for people with less time in their hands to dress up. Dungarees is fashionable but it depends on the way you pair it up and the way you walk tall in it. God bless you Oyin. Amen

  3. this is such a cute piece, i love the floral print and it’s such a cool take on a floral dress!

  4. Crystal Marie

    Wow, I adore these overalls. The print is so unique.

  5. These are so cute!! I never thought overalls could be cute 🙂

  6. This is such a daring overall piece and I lend major props to anyone who can rock this!

  7. This is really pretty! I’m not sure I could pull it off, but my daughter could!

  8. What an interesting outfit! I haven’t seen a floral overall in a long time! This one looks very feminine and dainty!

  9. Such an interesting print! And I would never have thought to pair it with that top. Total statement outfit!

  10. blair villanueva

    Wow this is so vintage, looks cool!

  11. I love the overalls trend, but don’t think i’m edgy enough to pull it off. I love how these are styled though!!

  12. I love the overalls. I’m love the colors and the patterns. Definitely a gem.

  13. Such a chic take on overalls! I love it.

    xo, Elizabeth |

  14. I love the print on this jumpsuit! It looks super chic!

  15. This looks cool. Don’t have any one-piece like that in my wardrobe. Think is time to get some jumpsuits!

    Nadine Cathleen

  16. I am obsessed with this look. What a cute and unique look for fall! This is so adorable.

  17. Angelle Marix

    Wow, the details are AMAZING. Love black and white too.


  18. Shane

    Such a fun and funky find! It would take me a lot of courage to rock that 🙂

  19. You look stunning. This is a gorgeous overall
    But I will look horrible in it.
    Love the print.

  20. CourtneyLynne

    Omg just loving that print!!!! So chic!!! So fabulous!!!

    1. Yesss the print is my favorite part!!!

  21. This jumper looks like such a fun piece to style! So cute!

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