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Hello beautiful people! We’re just about 2 weeks away from Easter and although spring sprung in March, nothing feels more like spring than Easter. I feel like Easter is the final confirmation needed for us to really come to terms with the end of winter which marks the beginning of spring. I’ve been talking about spring dresses lately and as I showed you the different ways to look your best on easter, it’s only right that I come with a cheaper alternative (like I usually do).

I chose to focus on floral easter dresses today as most people are more prone to wear florals during the spring (and it’s one of my fave prints).

*Be sure to hover over the item for the price and click on it for full details.*

Regardless of dresses being the focus point in this post, please feel free to wear pants, jumpsuits, bermuda shorts and anything else you want to wear. There’s no need to stick to dresses on Easter. I just happen to believe that one piece apparels are always easier to wear than anything else because they are one and done.

Let me know which one is your favorite and what you plan on wearing for Easter!

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Cover Image: Julia Engel

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98 Thoughts to “Floral Easter Dresses Under $50 | Befitting Steals”

  1. OMG!!!! spring is hereeeeeeeeee how exciting! After reading our post now I see I’m looking forward going shopping <3

  2. I am all about floral dresses. These are lovely. I love all the designs.

    1. Thanks. Glad you love it.

  3. I am for sure not a fashionista, kind of a lazy gal, but I love dresses! And especially floral ones. Don’t know why, but they seem very feminine to me.

    1. Floral is super feminine.

  4. robin Rue

    Those are all really pretty dresses. Easter is coming up fast, so I better get one 🙂

  5. Those dresses are all lovely! I’ve been looking for a new dress to ring in the new spring season, and I know I’ll find one here.

  6. Thanks for all the great ideas for Easter. I have to buy something so you have given me something to think about:-)

  7. These are some really beautiful dresses. I love floral so of course, I love them! What fun Easter dresses!

    1. Thank you! Glad you like them.

  8. Love all the dresses! These are such great picks!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  9. Love these! I haven’t even thought about my Easter dress yet.


    1. I hope these give a bit of insight for what to wear.

  10. I love these dresses! I can’t wait for florals and warmer weather!

    1. Yessss can’t wait!

  11. I hope it is warm on Easter day so I can wear a fancy dress. Right now it is cold and windy here

    1. I hope it’s warm as well!

  12. I’m all about floral-printed dresses. Love the fact that you featured those that are under 50 bucks!

    1. Yess! So pocket friendly! Glad you love it.

  13. Oh my goodness what some gorgeous picks, I have to admit I am so pleased to see spring has finally arrived!

    1. I’m soooo happy spring is here!!!!!

  14. I am SO ready for sunny weather! We still have rain and cold here darn it! I love these dresses! So many pretty florals to choose from!

    1. Awww sucks that you still have rain and snow! spring will come soon!

  15. lovely dresses as usual your sense of stlye is great.

    1. Thank you so very much!

  16. Love them all ^_^
    All of them are so pretty, simple yet chic 😀

  17. My soon-to-be 16 year old niece loves floral dresses! I could absolutely see her wearing one of these

  18. Jennifer Van Huss

    I don’ t normally wear floral dresses but you have displayed some beautiful ones here!! i just might have to give it a try!

    1. Florals are always worth a try.

  19. Love Love Love floral dresses. Easter is floral, big floral hats, Easter is not complete without the big floral hat. I can’t believe the prices for the floral dresses that you shown. Definitely I am going floral dress shopping. God bless you Oyin and thanks.

  20. I love this dress! I know my daughters would love to have one.

  21. Kenya

    I’ve seen something similar to this! I think the floral prints look good on just about any skin tone !

  22. Anything with floral, I’ll take it. Gorgeous dresses you’ve picked here!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  23. These are all so pretty & fun! I’m not sure that I can choose a favourite, oops!

    Rebecca | ceruleanshe.com

    1. lol Glad you love it!

  24. I’m loving these new floral dresses for Spring! The patterns and colors are beautiful, and the fitted bodice with the slightly full skirt is so flattering and feminine looking.
    Lovely trend all around!

  25. I love floral dresses, Oyinkan! These are soooo my style. The A-line is one of my fave cuts! I can’t believe you found these for less than $50!


    Berniedette | PetiteAndToned.com

    1. Yessss girl!!! Glad you love it. A-line is soooooo flaterring!

  26. These are all so beautiful. I already bought a Floral Easter Dress but I’ll check these out for other occasions.

  27. aw, this lovely dress is perfect to wear this Friday activity at my son’s school

    1. Oh great! I hope it works out!

  28. These outfits are so cute! I can’t wait til I’m back into my pre-pregnancy weight so I can start wearing cute dresses again for the Spring/Summer time.

    1. Girll! I’m sure you can wear cute dresses now…. but do what makes you feel comfy.

  29. Elizabeth O.

    The floral dresses are so lovely! I can’t believe they’re affordable as well. It’s always so nice to welcome Easter dressed in a lovely floral dress.

    1. Yess always soo nice!

  30. Lovely collection! You have got wonderful dresses. So hard to pick one of’em . I will check out the details.

    1. Awesome. Glad you love it!

  31. I’m am just loving all of the beautiful floral prints this spring! You have featured so many gorgeous dresses here and you can’t beat the prices! My favorite is the Asos True Violet Sateen skater dress!

    1. Oh yess!!!! Asos always does a great job!

  32. I love the pretty floral dresses. It reminds me of some of the dresses that I wore growing up. Now I hardly ever wear a dress.

    1. LOL time to get back to it.

  33. I love floral prints for spring. After the dull colors of winter, they are a refreshing change.

  34. I love all of these! I’m so glad that floral is so popular because I’m a huge fan!

    1. Floral is the truth! LOL

  35. These are all so pretty! I love wearing dresses in summer, even casual ones for everyday. The floral print trend right now is great!

    1. Casual dresses are sooo easy to wear and comfy too!

  36. Rebecca Swenor

    These are all really cute floral dresses and styles. I love dressing up on Easter and dresses was what I used to wear every Easter. I am going to have to check some of these out for sure. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous floral dresses.

    1. You welcome! Glad you like it!

  37. Gabriel Bregg

    Nothing says spring is finally in the air quite like floral prints. I’m glad that it’s finally getting to that point.

    1. Yes!!! Spring is my fave!

  38. I love all of these options. They’re so spring-y! Thanks for sharing!

  39. Seems like a lot of people like the same one I do because it is sold out.

  40. Angela Milnes

    These are all looks a nice dress! Perfect for Spring season

  41. Oh, those floral dresses are all lovely. I want to have them all. It’s summer and they are perfect OOTD.

    1. Sooo perfect for OOTD!

  42. Loving the floral pattern these days! So cute

    1. Great! Glad you love it.

  43. These are great dresses for great prices and at this time of the year with everything blossoming the perfect type of dresses to buy and completely my style. Love them!

    Sheri – http://www.abusybeeslife.com/

  44. I can’t believe Easter is only 2 weeks away! These are all too cute to pick from, but I’m loving that peachy/tan dress!

    1. Time flies wayyy too fast!

  45. Omg just lovely!!! I’m all about floral prints this time of year!! Perfect for spring and easter!

  46. maria han

    These are all a good selection of dress and perfect for summer!

  47. Jay Simms

    These dresses are just gorgeous!! I can’t believe they are under $50!

  48. Tami Qualls

    I am actually looking forward to wearing a dress on Easter Sunday. I wore pants for the longest time, then realized how comfortable I felt in a dress.

    1. Dresses are super comfy!

  49. These are really pretty! Floral is a great print for Easter and spring!

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it.

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