Flapper Holiday Party

The 1920s style has a very special place in my heart! It may be due to the beaded gowns, excessive fringe and beautiful furs. I love it all! When I was invited to a 1920s theme party for the holidays, I was super excited to attend as I’ve bought several dresses to fit the occasion over the past 5 years assuming that I would eventually end up at such a beautiful soiree. My habit of randomly buying evening gowns always comes in handy at some point.

I snagged this Pisarro Nights evening gown a few years ago as I’m always drooling over their gowns in Nordstrom

Fur shawls are classic statement pieces that are needed for eternity! It can bring your look up from a 6 to a level 10. The days leading up to the party were super busy so I had no time to shop but I thankfully recently developed an addiction to Amazon so I simply ordered this shawl as well as the gloves the day before the party and it was delivered the following day.

Wearing a wig for the first time was the scariest part of this look! I tend to dance a lot while partying so the fear of my wig sliding off consumed me. Half way through the party, my wig began to slide backwards and I realized it because my bang wasn’t as close to my eyebrows as it initially was. LOL! I simply fixed my wig and kept dancing.

The wig looked a hot mess by the end of the night as my bang sweated out and the ends curled in too many unnecessary directions.

I finished the look with satin heels which was perfect with the satin gloves.


Do you attend theme parties for the holidays?

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  1. Comfort Ayoade

    Oh whao. You look gorgeous and porch. You really look expensive . The dress brings out your maturity and you are BEAUTIFUL. God bless you Oyin. Amen

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