Is Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Worth It?

I try not to talk too much about Fenty Beauty but it’s sort of hard not to when her new collection, Mattemoiselle is filled with so many vibrant shades as well as a few neutrals. Lipstick is my favorite part of getting dolled up and a matte lipstick is the key to my heart (amongst many other things lol).

Take a peek at the first impression video above.

I purchased 6 of the 14 shades (Candy Venom, Midnight Wasabi, Griselda, Clapback, Freckle Fiesta, Spanked) as her bright colors immediately attracted me!


Candy Venom on the lips

Without further ado, here are the pros and cons.


– Created to fit all skin tones.

-Its very pigmented.

– Pocket friendly in size and price as it retails for $18.

– Long lasting as it lasted a full day (from morning to evening).

– Super comfortable. It’s not the usual matte lipstick that leaves your lips feeling hard which is usually appreciated by many (although I never have a problem with those hard matte lipsticks). It’s super soft and creamy.


– Its not transfer proof. Some may say that matte lipsticks don’t have to be transfer proof but I have been spoiled by the transfer proof lipsticks by ColourPop and many other brands that when a fabulous product is created, this minor detail still bothers me. I’d like to avoid getting my lipstick on cups while drinking and spoons while eating.

The Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle collection is great overall and definitely worth the money.

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20 Thoughts to “Is Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Worth It?”

  1. Love your colorful style. I might give fenty beauty collection a try in the new year!

  2. Wow, I love how colorful it is. I don’t know that I could wear it but it looks great on you. I bet my daughters could rock the shades.

  3. Kristen

    Wow! The shade on your lips pops so beautifully with your outfit and skin tone! Love it!

  4. I would say so. You look amazing girl!

  5. great review and im happy that u did as i was thinking about buying! your review is helping me with my decision…. and i love Rihanna!

  6. The Matte lipsticks have pretty colors. I’ve heard great things about the whole Fenty Beauty line. A lot of positive feedback on how it really matches their skin tone.

  7. such great colors. that lipstick is everything on you. I haven’t had a chance to check out her line. going to look now.

  8. Wow, the color looks great on you but I’m not sure I could pull it off .

  9. Those pink sunglasses are so pretty. They go great with your bright lips.

  10. I’ve heard great things about it. Especially for women who are darker. I am going to look into them for myself and my daughter who has a caramel complexion.

  11. I love all the colors you threw together in your outfit! You’re stunning. I’ve never seen this makeup before but I like the color choices they have.

  12. Anchal

    Such a lovely shade. I loved it. I probably wont be able to wear it well

  13. LavandaMichelle

    I like fenty beauty collection. I love your colorful style.

  14. I like the color of the lipstick you chose. And you very well threw together the color of clothes, glasses and lipstick!

  15. Blair villanueva

    I haven’t tried Fenty Beauty and glad you did a review. I like the shades (but am not into blues and greens). Am a red kind of girl 🙂
    Your lip shade pops gorgeously on you!

  16. Candy Venom is a bright color, but it looks really good on you in those photos. I’ll have to check out Fenty next time I’m in Sephora.

  17. This is not my cup of tea, but liked these due to shades colors and shared the post with my wife who is really interested, as long as we can buy this in Canada?

  18. Diana

    The shade on your lips pops so beautifully with your outfit and skin tone! I’ve never seen this makeup before but I like the color choices they have.

  19. Candy Rachelle

    You look beautiful in your outfit and more beautiful in your lip shade. I really like you on choosing colors that are fit for you.

  20. Comfort Ayoade

    Fenty color is beautiful inside and outside. I love it and the price is right for a lipstick that stays on from morning till night. Love your overall outlook. God bless you Oyin. Amen

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