Fenty Beauty First Impression

Fenty Beauty First Impression | Befitting Style

You probably already know by now that Rihanna released her makeup collection, Fenty Beauty during NYFW. I was initially uninterested as I am with most celebrity makeup products, but once I found out her collection includes 40 foundation shades with several options for women of darker skin tones, she had my undivided attention and I knew I had to get my hands on it.

Take a peak at the full first impression and review above. In the video, I showcase how the makeup lasts as I wore Fenty Beauty for 15 hours.

It is perceived that dark skinned women don’t buy makeup when in actuality, the beauty industry is filled with companies that aren’t providing the proper hues that suit people of darker skin, making it seem as if those of lighter skin tones purchase more makeup than others.

Once Fenty Beauty launched, the darker foundation shades sold out much quicker than the lighter shades, which is proof that once a product is created properly for women of darker skin tone, it will be highly supported. The Fenty Beauty makeup line is proof that all skin tones purchase makeup.

I only purchased products that are true to me so I didn’t get the matchsticks because I do not cream contour, as well as several other items. Below are the pros and cons of the items that I tried out.


Fenty Beauty First Impression | Befitting Style


– It feels like a moisturizer

– Leaves my skin feeling softer


– It’s a bit dewy and I prefer a primer that’s a bit more matte.

Nonetheless, it is now my go-to primer, despite the dewiness.


Fenty Beauty First Impression | Befitting Style


– Drys fast

– Matte, therefore not much powder is needed to set it (I didn’t wear powder in the video).

-Literally feels like skin and blends with the skin perfectly.

– Lasts long.

– Very lightweight.


Fenty Beauty First Impression | Befitting Style


-Very soft synthetic bristles.

– Blends the foundation to perfection! Leaves no streaks.


Fenty Beauty First Impression | Befitting Style


-Super pigmented.

– Lasts long.

– Blends well.

– Easily used as an eyeshadow.


-Looks like gold glitter instead of a golden glow, unless you use a little bit and make sure it’s super sheer on your face.


Fenty Beauty First Impression | Befitting Style


-Super soft and blends very easily (but not better than the beauty blender).

– The top makes it easy for blending under eye concealer.


Fenty Beauty First Impression | Befitting Style


– Smells good

-Perfect for all skin tones as that was the idea behind it’s creation.

My images doesn’t include me wearing the gloss because I’m more of a matte lippie kind of girl, yet I tried the gloss in the video.


Have you tried Fenty Beauty?

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82 Thoughts to “Fenty Beauty First Impression”

  1. Comfort Ayoade

    No as a matter of fact I have not try fenty. Looking at your explanation and how light and good it feels, I will buy it. Thanks Oyin, God bless you. Amen

  2. Great review! Love how there are so many shades!

    1. Yes thats one of the best parts of her makeup line. She really looked out for darker skin tones so I appreciate it.

  3. You look fantastic. I have never tried this brand before but I would. It sounds like their products work well.

  4. Jenn JG

    Your make up looks beautiful! I had no idea Rhianna had a make up line. Awesome that she has so many shades and tones!

  5. My daughter really wants to get her hands on this line! You look FAB!!! Your skin looks perfect and it lasts so long that is a huge plus! By the way, I adore your hairstyle too!

  6. I love the way you did your eyes. The hint of yellow is just so cool.

  7. Your makeup looks beautiful, sleek and glamorous! I love that there’s a new line of makeup for darker skin tones. The more choices, the better!

    1. Yess the more options, the better. Everyone deserves options.

  8. Wow.. I like the colors, they are so natural. Natural color makes you look elegant.

  9. I keep hearing so much about Fenty, I’ve not tried it myself though but I think I really should as it sounds like she has brought out such a great range.

    1. Yes she sure did so I had to support!

  10. I have heard really great things about Fenty! Your makeup looks GORGEOUS!

  11. It sounds as though she offers a great line and range of products with Fenty Beauty! You look stunning.

  12. What an amazing range of beauty products! I have heard so many great things about Fenty. I am going to have to check it out.

    1. Yeah you totally should! 🙂

  13. Pat

    oooh im so glad that u made a review! im very tempted to get the highlighter because of the color but it is good to know how it goes on! i will just stick with with my hourglass as i like a subtle glow! thanks

    1. Lol I totally understand girl!

  14. It really looks amazing! I guess I was amazed by the LIP LUMINIZER the most!! 🙂

    1. Ohhh so you’re probably more of gloss girl. It’s definitely great for girls that love glosses.

  15. Your makeup looks beautiful and all of those products sound amazing! I will have to look into her collection a little more!

    1. Thank you! Yeah check it out.

  16. First of all you are GORGEOUS! I love the way you highlighted your eyes with the gold. I see where you say it can be a little to glittery, but I think you used it perfectly! I’m a little scared of bright colors in make up but it looks amazing on you!

    1. Thank you so very much. I appreciate it! 🙂

  17. i can’t get enough of the fenty reviews — they are all over youtube and i’ve probably watched every single one. i dont own a single fenty product lol… but i’m loving all the hype!

    1. LOL! I love watching it too!

  18. It’s about time, I can’t say I ever had a problem finding my skin complexion foundation but I have been with friends buying make up and watching then struggle with the shade closet or just skipping the purchase all together. I’ll have to let them know the line is release because well life has occurred and we haven’t been keeping up with it’s progress.

    1. Yesss definitely let your friends know! I’m glad you noticed the struggle despite not being in the struggle.

  19. Loved this post and your look is amazing. I have been eyeing on Fenty Beauty since the launch. Trophy Wife and the foundation looks like must try products. <3

    1. Definitely must try! 🙂

  20. Those products sound amazing especially the gloss bomb, it looks great. Totally loving the yellow touch near your eyelids.

  21. You look fabulous! And to be honest I love how minimal it looks. Like girl, you got great complexion and that yellow is the only makeup that I see and that even compliments your skin! Beautiful!

  22. I have heard nothing but amazing things about her line. You look amazing and I can’t wait to try it myself!

  23. Love this Fenty review. The shades compliment your gorgeous skin.

    Fenty is releasing a holiday collection, please let me know if you do a review on this when it’s released. Would love to do a collab.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes I’ll let you know.

  24. Love that you’ve listed both pros and cons. Love that Rihanna’s brand have shades for darker complexions. Thank you so much! The picture speaks volumes. It looks great on you.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate it!

  25. Anna

    I am the same with Celebrity makeup products. Glad to see you found it suitable for your skin.

  26. My daughter ran to Sephora as soon as Fenty came out. She just loves it, especially the foundations.

  27. I haven’t considered trying Fenty before but I will. The products sound so cool in your reviews. I specially admire the fact that they are available to different skin tones.

    1. So do I! Thank you so much!

  28. You look so classy and gorgeous. I really appreciate your review which make me want to buy those products right now. Thanks for your sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you 🙂

  29. You look amazing and it makes me want to buy better cosmetics. I haven’t tried Fenty before but I’d love that foundation brush.

    1. Thank you! The foundation brush is literally perfect!

  30. I’ve never been able to figure out how to do the primer and whole deal – you’ve done a nice job tutoring this! The foundation brush and the colors look fantastic!

    1. Thanks girl! I wasn’t always a primer user as well but it really helps!

  31. Heather

    I’m a little out of the loop (okay a lot), so I had no idea this make-up line had been released. You look absolutely stunning!

    1. Thank you! Glad to get you in the loop 🙂

  32. Adaleta

    I really want to try it out myself!! I think it is really great that there are so many shades available for everyone!

    1. Yup! Thats one of the best parts 🙂

  33. bianca Nunez

    Everyone has been recommending her brand! And I think I should try it!! everyone is so excited! I love the look that you made!

  34. I’ve never heard of this brand, but it looks like it wears pretty well! Thanks for the info!

  35. Anchal

    I would love to try these out. You are flaunting these products so well and anyone would just dive in and buy them.

  36. TColeman

    Thank you so much for your open review. I know that this is going to be great for darker skinned women to have something true to them.

    1. So great and albino women as well! Such a wide range!

  37. Robin Rue

    I heard about this line when it first came out but I had not heard much more. This is a a great and helpful review.

  38. You’re so beautiful! I love your natural hair. Yes, my granddaughter tried her makeup for the first time this past weekend, and also for the first time, I like my 16-year-old in makeup. It’s natural looking and actually, I’m going to try it as well. She’s on the Homecoming Court and in the past, we’ve paid someone to do it, but now, she can do her own. I recommend it as well.

  39. Gosh, that foundation looks so amazing on you! Fenty Beauty foundation just looks so flawless every time I see it.

    xx Tatyanna

  40. Candy Rachelle

    I’ve heard and read nothing but reave reviews about the Fenty brand. I would like to try some of her stuff. But I think I’ll wait til the hoopla die down some and they restock the shelves!

  41. You look gorgeous with your natural hair. Your make up was perfectly done and I like it. Would love to check out this brand if it is available in my country. I am not using foundation but I am a big fan of using lipstick.

    1. Thank you girl! She has a universal gloss bomb thats suitable for all skin tones.

  42. I’ve heard nothing but raves about this line. Especially the highlighter! Totally checking it out!

    1. Awesome! You totally should 🙂

  43. I love the make up! Great selections. I know my gf would be able to use some of these. Thanks for the wonderful tips!

    1. I’m sure she would. Thanks for stopping by!

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